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Detective Log
The journey through truth and lies to find the murderer of the mystery victim.
Day 2
I arrived early to the crime scene to help the Police officers collect evidence. They had already collected the blood samples, so it was my duty to collect anything out of place for deeper studies. Unfortunately, the body was found by the garbage containers. Trash was scattered everywhere among the potential evidence and blood poured over the piles, making it impossible to pick out the important pieces. I managed to find a few things I though would be of good use: a used cigarette, a paper clip, an old hair brush with hair samples, shards of a broken beer bottle, a burned strip of cloth, a soda can, and two plastic gloves.

The Police weren't anxious to except all of my findings. Though they took some of them, they refused except the paper clip as 'substantial evidence'

"It's just a paper clip. You can't expect for it to actually be evidence," Officer Hodge, a police on the case and a personal friend of mine argued. I explained my theory, pointing out that the clip was bent oddly and it was completely soaked in crimson blood.

"That's why it was tossed! It's just a broken paper clip!" It was obvious he was skeptical towards my beliefs, but he convinced the other police to examine it none the less. Hodge also explained to me that a few of my finds narrowly passed; the only reason they excepted the bottle and cigarette was because it was found near the corpse.

After the morning investigation, I was sent to interrogate some of the suspect somehow linked to the crime scene (They refused to tell me how.)
The first on my list was KidWolfFang, also know as Muphin on the streets.

I introduced myself and explained my position, though I conveniently left out the fact that I was investigating a murder mystery. He agreed to questioning, and so it began.

"Where were you between 1 and 3 o'clock this morning?" I asked. It was completely cliche`, but standard.

"I went to bed around that time. I had just gotten home from a long day at work," He replied. I noticed he was nervous. He couldn't make eye contact and constantly looked behind me and scratched his arm.
None-the-less, I continued with the questioning.
"Is there anybody who can verify your alibi?"
"uh. My daughter was there. She should be able to." It was about now he asked me if we were on camera. He seemed in a phobic state and explained his behavior, claiming there was a 'thing' between him and cameras. I assured him we were alone and tried my best to obtain answers from him.
"Who might that be? Do you think she will be available for questioning?"
"She's known as Malice around here. She may be willing to participate."

I knew this would be all I could get from him for now. I walked away with an odd feeling. Muphin had been so suspicious. If his alibi proved to be air-tight, then this investigation would only complicate even further.


I went on to interrogate the only other person available for questioning today. His name is Shadowofademonfox, but is known as Qorn by his friends. I know him as Uncle, but I mustn't bring personal matters into this.

I started by asking his whereabouts at the time. It was a useless question, for I knew where he was. He had confronted me at that time, informing me of how late it was and insisted I retire for the night. He is, after all, my 'guardian'. I avoided the upcoming conversation by bringing up the murder and my association in it.
He thought for a second. "I see..." he replied before asking if there were any suspects. I allowed him to view my notes, despite the fact that it was forbidden ( xd ).
I knew I could trust him. He jokingly commented,
"I think Muphin did it with the gun in the kitchen!" disregarding the importance in the case.

It couldn't have been Qorn! His alibi was absolutely tied, and I was there as the witness. It's already Day 2, and I've gotten nowhere... It's time to step it up a notch.

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Community Member

Wed Jul 11, 2007 @ 11:05pm

Well Muphen didXD

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