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Detective Log
The journey through truth and lies to find the murderer of the mystery victim.
Day 3
That scoundrel! Muphin's alibi didn't hold up! I finally came into contact with his daughter, red_black_malice, who would supposedly be able to testify in his favor.
I began by introducing my self, although I already knew her from a while back. But, professional matters are more important than personal...
"Hello, I am Detective Ivey. I have a few questions to ask you. It will only take a moment of your time..."
"...What is this about, detective?" She asked. I could tell she genuinely didn't know. This meant that her father hadn't spoken to her about the matter, so there was no way he could influence her answers.

"Can you tell me where you were on the 10th, say, at about 1-3 o'clock am?" I began. It was a while ago, so I could only hope she remembers. Luckily, she did.

"Er... I was at the cult that I weekly attend to." Something about her behavior that didn't seem quite right. She averted her eyes as she spoke, as if there was something else. None-the-less I continued my questioning.

"Is that so? So you weren't at home at the time?"

""That is correct... Look. Whatever Qorn told you, its not true!" She was familiar with my Uncle! No surprise. He had visited me at my previous job, where both of us had worked. Why was she convinced that he had told me something? A lie, at that...

"It's not what Qorn said... It's Muphin," I corrected, informing her of the urgency in the matter, "So, you cannot truthfully say that you were a witness who can confirm your father's alibi at the time, which he stated he had just got home from a long day at work?"
Malice looked at me with a strange, uncomprehending expression. She shook her head and answered, "I hadn't seen him all day, but he left a note on the fridge saying that he'd gone out...."

Ah Hah! That's how I caught him in his lie. Malice was truly a goldmine of information! To think... his own daughter might lead to the downfall of a murderer. I quickly made my move.
"Is that so?!" I said more than asked, "Do you happen to have that note?!"
"Ummmm... sweatdrop I....well...my dog ate it..?" Didn't she know the crucial evidence this note might contain?! I held my temper, and calmly tried to explain.
"Look, Mal. That note may contain some very important information. If you have it, it's VITAL that I see it. Where- is- the note...?" I spoke slowly and carefully to be sure she comprehended. But, as I feared, she glared at me and things began to turn for the worse.
"Hey! You can't tell me what to do!" she pushed me, and I staggered back. I was able to maintain my balance and collective attitude. I began to explain more forcefully, "Mal! I'm not telling you what to do! I'm asking kindly! I HAVE to see the note!"

She sneered and began to criticize my detective skills when a sticky note fell out of her pocket. Soon realizing her 'goof', she scrambled to pick it up. She obviously hoped I hadn't seen, but I did...
" stare Mallary? What was that?"
She couldn't look me in the eyes. I could tell she was in a slight state of embarrassment. Her eyes shifted to either side.
"...what was what?" She improvised pathetically.

I had had enough of her games.
"Ok... let's play it the hard way..." I pulled out my badge and flashed it at her. Then, with an authoritative attitude, I ordered her to place her hands on behind her head and to move against the wall.
She rose her brow.
"You're not gonna...you know...feel for the note, are you? 'Cause if you are, here," She handed me the note, stating she had had enough embarrassment for one day.
I took it and put it in my pocket, thanking her for her cooperation. I didn't read it, though. I had to head to another suspect for further investigation.


I was able to catch up with Muphin, AKA KidWolfFang. I approached him with a disappointed glare, letting him know that I knew.

"Are you aware that your daughter, Malice, could not confirm your alibi on the 10th of July?!"
"That schmuck! scream " he exclaimed aggravatingly. Check Mate!

"... excuse me? ," I began to play it off. That's when I started to badger him.
"... Is that a confession that you were not at home at the time in question and you lied to me about your alibi?" I pushed. The results were almost as I had hoped.

"No, no! I was at home. I'm guessing she wasn't then. But I was there, right after work like I said." he said this with confidence. I began to worry that I wouldn't be able to pin this on him... So, I would have to force answers...

"... mmhmm... Then where, did she say, was she? Surely as a parent you would know, or at least ask.."

"I told you shes in college; she doesn't contact me very often and it's very rare that I come home and she's there. Look, I work all day. There's no way I'd be able to have a conversation with her..."
I got him again. As I had earlier noted, he said she was there and home was where I could find her. I pointed that out.

"... mhm... But, according to you, she's 'always home'... that's what you said before!"

"No. I said she's almost never home because of school" Muphin rose a brow. He must have thought I had forgotten. He didn't have me fooled one bit!

"No, sir... You said, and I quote.., " I flipped to the page in my journal, " 'Umm, her name is Malice.she's allmost allways home so you could try then'
Misspellings and all... What's going ooon? confused What's the Reeeal story?"

Muphin's eyes darted for a second. He tensed up and panicked. Finally, he submitted with a sigh, realizing he was caught.

"Alright, alright. Well that day I didn't go to work, but I didn't kill anyone! I was at my ex-wife's house, but I didn't want you to say anything to my daughter, so I said I came home late from work. I'm trying to surprise her by trying to get back with her mom." A good explanation. But, again, he made a fatal error!

".. Mhm... though that may be so, I DO have one question that you CAN'T weasel your way out of..," I paused for dramatic effect.
"If you recall, I never told you what I was investigating... How did you know it was a murder?"

Stunned silence. I knew that was it. He stumbled to make up another excuse.
"Well, um. That is, the person that was killed, they lived not to far away I think. I used to see him walking around here from time to time, and then he stopped. I hear a few wives talking, gossiping about him being murdered."

Oh, how he thought he had the perfect explanation! But, yet again, he dug a deeper hole!

"Riiiight... BUT...
The victim is unidentified at the time! How do you even know if it is a man? This murder is in complete confidentiality. Not even I have seen the body. It hasn't even hit the news... "

And that was the kill shot. He no longer was quick-witted enough to remark back. Let's see him weasel out of that! And he tried..
After stuttering for a second, he glanced at his watch.
"I'm sorry. I must be going to work now, detective." With that he walked away.

As he walked, the air filling with his nervousness, I grinned to myself proudly. Then, right before he turned the corner, with a little chuckle I quietly murmered to myself: " "Hm... looks like I've got a lead..."

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Community Member

Wed Jul 18, 2007 @ 02:59am

lolz...that was entertaining... blaugh I hope I can be in this lil story again whee

nice car, bytheway

Community Member

Wed Jul 18, 2007 @ 03:48am

I'm not in it yet crying

Shawn Harris
Community Member

Wed Jul 18, 2007 @ 03:52am

reading im not reading questing angelic halo wheeeeeee~

Community Member

Fri Jul 20, 2007 @ 06:11am


wow i could not type this without cracking up XD

Community Member

Fri Jul 20, 2007 @ 06:14am


Community Member

Fri Jul 20, 2007 @ 07:29am

Um.. nuh-uh... It says I conveniently left it out... talk2hand

Community Member

Fri Jul 20, 2007 @ 11:17pm

Muffin. You are a boob stare

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