I suppose the best place to start is to introduce myself, even though I know most of you who would read this already know me; but what can I say, I am a creature of habit.

More to the point; I am the Man in the Hat... I have a great many other names, but that one will suffice for now.

Not to sound poetic, zealous or over-the-top, but I am a great many things, a great many complicated things, but through it all I would like to say I am above all else, a simple man.

That is you could spend just a day with me and understand the base of my nature... but it would take years to even attempt to grasp the complexity of my mind.

You see, my mind is so incredibly different from yours that it is indescribably fascinatingly wonderful. Of course now I sound like an egocentric bigot, so please bare with me.

So about me; I am a dreamer, spending more time in my own thoughts and ideas then reality. I am a romantic, a man of soft words and sweet actions, desiring to make every moment of that special someone perfect.

I am a wisher, always hoping, always watchful for that lucky star above.

I love to write poetry and stories of a world so fantastic to me that I can't yet begin to describe into words the infinite wonders I have 'witnessed' there.

You see, it is as real to me as you and the air we breathe. It would take awhile to explain, but to put it most simply I have touched it... felt it, seen it, and have been immersed in it.

It is real to me, so that is enough for me to prove its existence.

If there is anything I have forgotten, please do not hesitate to ask for I shall always answer.