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My life's work of poetry and random things that have happened
When Two Worlds Become One (title in progress)
Today of all days I had to mess up! Today of all days! Oh, by the way, my name is Juro. I live in Kyushu, Japan and, currently, am in a lot of trouble. Why you ask? I made a mistake and failed another English test! Now mom is shipping me to America! How could she!? I don’t even know English and she expects me to be a foreign exchange student! Yeah right!

I got my test results yesterday. Of course Rena got the best score and I got the worst score. A five percent! How is that possible?

“How’d you do Juro?” Rena asked me after class.

“How do you think I did miss-know-it-all?” I replied to her with bitterness and sarcasm.

“That bad?” Rena said with a frown, “Does that mean you’re going to be shipped to America on Monday?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry I couldn’t do better. I tried,” I said looking at her sad face, “I’ll call you every week though.” Rena looked really sad. I felt so bad having to leave her, my girlfriend. I walked her home in silence, an awkward silence. We both knew this would be the last time we could walk home together.

“I’m sorry Rena, I really did try, really,” I said to break the silence.

“It’s not a problem Juro, really,” she said stopping and looking directly into my eyes. Her slightly widened, hurt, blue-grey eyes looked right at me. I’ll be scarred with the image of the pale, sad face; mouth drawn into what seems a permanent frown, her tear streaked face. I had to wrap my arms around her, something to try and comfort her.

I came in closer to her. I could smell her beautiful, long, flowing, black hair. My arms wrapped around her affectionately. “Come on Rena. Don’t be sad. You’ll just make it harder for me,” I whispered into her ear, “Please Rena, don’t—” Just then she kissed me, but not on the cheek, on the lips! This wasn’t normal for her.

She pulled away from my, apparently, crimson red face. “Juro, don’t leave me. If you leave I’ll be lost. I won’t know what to do.” Her beautiful blue-grey eyes started to well up with tears, “Don’t leave me!”

“Rena! Please!” I told her, tears coming to my eyes now. My arms were shaking from fighting tears, “Please stop. I told you not to make this hard for me!” I let go of her and looked into her eyes, although she looked blurry through my tears. It seemed as though she shrugged my tears out of her mind. She turned and wiped her tears away then looked over her shoulder and smiled at me.

“You coming, you stubborn brat?”

“You’re the brat,” I shot back at her jokingly, “Yeah I’m coming.” I dashed after her. When I caught up to her I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her close. “You know I’ll love you even when I’m in America,”

“I know,” she said with a smile. We reached our apartment complex. I walked her to her door. “I’ll meet with you in the morning before you leave.” Her lips touched mine once more and she walked into her apartment. After she closed the door I went upstairs to face my demise.

“Mother? I’m home!” I half shouted, but was kind of regretting it. My mother looked down the hall to me. “She looks angry,” I thought.

“Well Juro? Hand me the test,” she looked very stern as I walked up to her nervously. When I got close enough she snatched the test from my hands. Just one sweeping motion sealed my fate. “You know what this means Juro. Go pack now, you leave in the morning.” I nodded, regretfully, and walked into my room. I called Rena to let her know what time I was leaving while I packed. After I hung up with Rena I packed more hastily. I took the picture of Rena and me out of its frame and packed that in a secret place. “No one can tear us apart,” I muttered to myself, “No one, ever.” Rena and I have known each other since grade school and have been going out since junior high. Now both of us are juniors in high school.

In the morning my mom woke me up early. I groggily staggered out of my room and into the bathroom to splash cold water on my face. I grabbed my clothes and took them back into the bathroom. “A warm shower should calm me,” I muttered as I started the water. I emerged from the shower and immediately dried off and got dressed. “There’s no point in trying to avoid it,” I thought sadly.

As I got my final things my mom escorted me out of the house. Rena was waiting for me to come. As soon as she saw me she rushed up to me with red streaks on her face. She had apparently been crying. “Juro!” she wrapped her arms around my neck, making me bend down so I wouldn’t choke. “Talk some sense into your mom! For my sake if not yours!” she was about to cry again.

“Rena! Stop hanging on Juro! You knew this would happen sooner or later!” my mom’s harsh voice emerged from behind me, startling Rena.

“You can’t do this! It’s not right! He doesn’t even know English!” Rena shouted at my mother, in English. Mother looked puzzled for a moment.

“You will thank me for it later,” Mother said back to Rena in English. I was so confused. I hate when Rena goes off and speaks in English like that! On the other hand…it’s nice to know that she’s defending me, even though she does mess with me like that and take advantage of the situation.

In the end my mother won the argument, Rena was crying again and I was absolutely confused. I shot over my shoulder, “You can email me Rena!” I saw her nod before I was, literally, shoved into the car by my mom. I felt like cursing at my mother, but that would do more harm than good.

I got to the airport just as my plane was boarding. I was reluctantly rushed to my plane. “At least it’s a straight through flight,” I mumbled. I sat on the plane, waiting for take off and leveling of altitude so I could check if Rena wrote me yet. The seat belt light came on, so I did just that, put my seat belt on.

The leveling was rough because of turbulence, but nothing bad happened. I flipped open my laptop and signed on to my account. No mail yet, but that’s what I expected. I clicked new message and went to my address book and clicked on Rena’s address. I typed up an epic of the whole flight and sent it just before the plane started to dive down to the ground. I closed my laptop and sat back waiting for the plane to land and dock.

As I got off the plane I was greeted by a man. He spoke poor Japanese so I barely understood. I was pretty sure that he was the foreign exchange parent was attempting to use the correct words to ask me to follow him, so I did. We walked and drove in silence.

When we arrived, I noticed that we arrived at a two-story, old Victorian house with ivy covered pillars. As I gazed out the window at the house the man spoke to me in what seemed like more bad Japanese. I turned to him slightly puzzled.

“Genami?” (genami is sorry in Japanese) I hadn’t quite understood the American man’s choppy Japanese.

“I said we’re here,” he repeated, still in a choppy accent. I nodded, finally understanding him. We walked to the house and were by who, apparently, was his wife. I bowed politely with glee that his wife was Japanese. As I looked up from my bow I saw a girl my age behind the man’s wife. Her skin was white like a cloud and her eyes like the night sky with bright stars. Her hair was red as a rose. I couldn’t even tell by looking at her that she was half Japanese! My heart seemed to skip a beat when I laid eyes upon her, a true Japanese beauty. When I saw her my mind went blank, I almost forgot about Rena! She seemed, to me, to be a fallen angel. Had I died? Was this a hallucination? My mind was flying with questions now. Is this love at first sight? NO! It couldn’t be! I couldn’t forget Rena! She loves me and I love her! Nothing could change that! Nothing! The Japanese beauty smiled at me, bringing my mind into a swirling terror. Her father nudged me forward, bringing me back to reality. At least two minutes had passed since I saw her, the “fallen angel.”

The man said something to her, the fallen angel. She nodded and told me, in perfect Japanese to follow her. I nodded with a courteous smile and followed her. As we walked I couldn’t help but watch every movement. They were all so fluid and smooth it was hard to tear my eyes away. I almost tripped over the first step and into her back. I stumbled but caught myself on the railing before I fell into her back. I didn’t want her to think that I was a pervert right off! She turned to me just as I stumbled and giggled. I couldn’t help but laugh with her. She looked even more beautiful when she laughed, if that was even possible. The angel finally stopped laughing and helped me regain the rest of my balance. Her hand was so soft and warm; I think I started to blush!

“Here, follow me and I’ll show you your room,” she said with a small smirk. As we entered the room I noticed it was a traditional Japanese style: the futon (Japanese bed) neatly laid out and the paper door separating rooms, “I’m in the next room,” she still spoke with a small smirk, apparently I was still blushing. “By the way, my name’s Sarine.” As she spoke she turned and left me alone. Sarine. The name rang in my head. Sarine, the fallen angel. Peace, calm. That’s what her name means. That’s what she stands for. Peace and calm.

Her father walked in just as she left me carrying in my luggage. I bowed politely, thanked him and took my stuff from him. I pulled out the picture of Rena after I was alone.

“Rena…I won’t forget you, ever,” I was muttering to myself as I looked at the picture; the smile that would make your hear melt and the almond-shaped perfection of the young Asian’s eyes. I heard footsteps coming upstairs and toward what was now my room. I quickly put the picture of Rena away and acted like I was doing something.

Sarine walked through my room and into hers. It was a lot like my room only it was decorated to her liking. From the glance I got, it looked like she had a lot of American things. “You don’t speak English, do you Juro?” she said to me out of nowhere through the wall.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, I’m having trouble with it,” I said honestly. I saw her shadow, though I couldn’t tell what she was doing. I looked out the small window and noticed it was getting dark already.

(continuation soon)

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