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My life's work of poetry and random things that have happened
When Two Worlds Become One (title in the works)(continued)
I pulled out my laptop and connected to the internet. All my friends were online on the messenger and they all said hi at the same time. I clicked the “to all” button and typed in “hello.” I ignored most of the messages accept the ones from Rena and my best friend, Clous. I went to my email, typed in my password and saw that Rena had sent me a reply. As I opened the message Sarine emerged from her room and into mine noticing me typing.

“You brought a laptop from Japan? How’d you manage?”

“Special flight,” I tossed over my shoulder to her. She walked up behind me and watched my fingers fly over the Japanese letters.

“Oh,” she said sounding tired, “Is it a wireless connection to the internet?” She still sounded tire, but was intrigued at the same time.

“Yeah, it’s really quick. It helps when I’m typing to know that my computer can keep up,” I was really into technology. It was the only class I was passing.

“I guess you’re good with electronics then?” she spoke questioningly. I turned to face her after I sent the email to Rena. She looked as tired as she has sounded not too long ago.

“You could say that. I guess,” I said being modest, “You look tired…” I said changing the subject.

“Yeah well it is around ten o’clock about now.”

“Really? Wow, that is kinda late,” I said closing my laptop and putting it away.

“Yeah, we both should get to sleep. We do go to school in the morning,” She smiled and told me good night and went to her room. I got ready to sleep. I stripped down to my boxers and settled into the futon. About two hours later I heard footsteps going by me. I opened my right eye slightly and saw Sarine really close. I closed my eye again and tried to cover my chest. When I did so, Sarine bent down by my side and spoke to me in a soft, kind tone. “No need to be embarrassed. I like you,” she said, “And your body.” She added this last part hastily, and in English. I said nothing. I couldn’t say anything. I was shocked. She stood after a short silence and a small kiss on the forehead. “See you in the morning, cutie,” she said and then went to her room. The rest of the night was quiet.

In the morning I awoke to find the cover I had over me was kicked down to my stomach. I didn’t see Sarine’s shadow so I just put on my shirt and a pair of pants. I combed through my hair a little then waked down stairs. Sarine and her parents were downstairs already talking to each other in English. I walked into the room they were in and noticed Sarine smile at me.

“Morning!” she said to me all cheery. I smiled but didn’t say anything. “Oh, I forgot to mention, our school is very high tech. I’d suggest bringing your laptop,” she said making eye contact.

“Really? A techy school? Awesome!” I spoke with a smile. I bowed politely to excuse myself from the conversation. I walked upstairs and flipped open my laptop. I wrote Rena: “This is great! I actually get to go to a tech school! I’m so happy! Keep in touch. Love, Juro.” I sent the mail and put my laptop in my school bag. Man am I glad it’s light! Sarine came upstairs and walked into her room.

“So are you ready for classes?” she said speaking through the wall again. She looked like she was looking for something, judging by her shadow.

“Yeah. Need help looking for something?” I said politely.

“Not really, just trying to find where I left my laptop,” she sounded like she was worried.

“When I misplace things I always find them in my closet. Maybe you should try there?” I suggested. I heard rustling of papers then an opening of a door. I heard more noises of things being shifted around, then came a single word.

“Ah-ha!” she sounded pleased with herself, “Found it! Thanks Juro.” She came out of her room holding a laptop similar to mine, only on difference, hers was American. “This is my special laptop,” she explained, “It types in Japanese and English. I can translate everything for you.” She smiled the same smile that Rena always did when I was around. My heart began to melt. “Let’s go Juro,” she grabbed my wrist and led the way. I stayed quiet until we reached the school.

“Wow! It’s amazing!” my eyes widened at the sight of the school. It was white, four stories, and huge. Even I could get lost there!

“Isn’t it though? Every day it seems like my first day.” She led me to the office and got me my schedule and my card. She explained that the card did everything at the school and not to ever lose it. “Follow me Juro, our class is about to start!” She grabbed my wrist again and led me to our class. I sat away from her- she kinda scares me- in the back. She typed to me that this was homeroom and that we didn’t do much in here. “Good,” I thought, “I’ll be able to chat.” I just typed back two letters, “O.K.” From Sarine’s flying fingers while the teacher was talking I could tell that she was translating for me, hanging on every word, sending it to me in chunks. I listened carefully to the teacher’s words for a moment, but then I decided to give up and rely on Sarine’s translation. A message popped up that wasn’t from Sarine. It read: “Hey dude! How’s America?” It was Clous! What a lifesaver he can be at times. I typed back: “It’s O.K. How’s Rena doing? I’m kinda worried about her.” As fast as I sent the reply Sarine sent me another chunck of the lecture. “The teacher sure loves to hear his own voice, doesn’t he” I typed to Sarine. She typed to me three letters: “lol” “Lol? What’s that?” I hardly understood what she said that the teacher was saying and now she throws “lol” at me! “Lol has four meanings; Lots of laughs, laugh out loud, lots of love, and lots of luck.” She responded in the middle of my mental ranting. I looked for Clous’ response and finally found it: “Rena’s still taking it hard, but she’s doing better. You should call her. By the way, did you scope out any hot babes yet?”

The bell rang right after I read Clous’ message. I closed my laptop and walked up to Sarine. “Sheesh! That was a short class.”

“They get longer, trust me.” She grabbed for my wrist again, but I moved my hand.

“I’ll just follow behind you. You don’t have to baby me.” I looked into her eyes slightly angered. I saw the hurt look. I sighed and looked away from her eyes, “Sorry if I hurt your feelings, I just don’t like being babied.” She just started walking and not saying anything to me. I followed her, wanting to try and make her feel better. “Sarine, I’m really sorry,” I typed to her and got no response. “Come on Sarine! I told you I’m sorry! What more do I have to do!? Make out with you?!?” I typed furiously. I finally got a response from her after my last comment.

“That would help *sly smile*” She responded just like that. Nothing more, nothing less. I couldn’t believe her! Just as my train of thought was ending Clous sent me a message again: “You never did tell me of any hot babes Juro.”

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