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Please read the description entry first. (11/29/07 10:59 p.m.)
Opening to Dragonians tale (2nd book)
okay, just to clear the confusion. I did not finish the first book, i wrote the beginning
to the second so I could figure out how to end the first. So i really only have about 60-70% of the first book written, and yes, ill post some of it later.


Gavett dashed from the bushes, swinging sword over back, launching himself into the fray. Sword sliced through metal as though it were water. His enemy fell, eyes misted over, breathing no more. A painless death, yet a death all the same.

With a swift leap over the fallen adversary, Gavett unleashed a burst of bone-shattering energy from the heart of his blade. The blinding wave sent two more flailing into the air, flesh tearing from itself in a crimsonshower of gore. What remained fell to the forest floor, saturating the hunger of the greedy forest.

Instinctively, Gavett jerked his head left, a whistling arrow pierced through the air perilously close to his ear. Twitching his eyes right, he spotted the archer that let loose the arrow. With acute focus, Gavett sealed the energy in the creatures spine and tore it savegly from the foes body. Carnage mimicked raging waters as the battle pushed on.

Gavett found a larger, more brutal enemy and effortlessly disposed of two more enemies as he made his way towards it. Using skills equal to that of an advanced Syre, he called amongst the spirit of fire to conflagrate the monster to ash within seconds. No foe opposition could feign equality to Gavetts power.

Ark the Guardian
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Ark the Guardian
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    commentCommented on: Sun Dec 23, 2007 @ 12:02pm
    Nice desciptive battle scene

    commentCommented on: Mon Mar 24, 2008 @ 01:12am
    Very nice. I hope this becomes big someday.

    Krokodil Gena
    Community Member
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