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Please read the description entry first. (11/29/07 10:59 p.m.)
Description, A Tale of Three Moons
There are tons of people who are interested in the books that I'm writing. So, I've decided I'll put a journal entry that will explain what in the hell I'm writing about xp .
The world that everything takes place in is named Orbis. The continent that the stories take place in is known as (no name yet) The continent itself is divided into three kingdoms. Each one of the Kingdoms is ruled by a race. Humans to Evendire, Dragonians to Nul'krost(P- Null Crossed), and Valkrie to Feir'lustt( P- fee air lust, let the r in air flutter)

So, about these different race's. I'm sure that you can just about imagine what the humans are.....I hope sweatdrop We are the race that has been gifted with incredible abilities and magics. Some abilities include seeing in the dark, moving incredibly fast, skin turning as hard as steel, and so on. We reign in the construction of WaterCrafts.
The Dragonians are gifted with the most brutal strength, but instead of varying abilities - they have varying magicks that no other race has. They reign in the construction of large buildings, castles, walls, etc.
The Valkrie are gifted with insight and technology. They have no ability to use magick on their own and are very physically weak, but they have their technology to make up for it. They reign in the construction of AirCrafts.

There are three main characters, one for each race. Also there are 3 books for each character... easy enough to follow right? question
The Human Character is Llancire. He is a noble and protective character. His tale fits an adventurous type of genre.
The Dragonian character Is Gavett. He is a wise and merciless character. His tale is more of a mystery/action genre.
The Valkrie character is Ve'thelia. She is a headstrong and romantic character. Her tale fits that of a suspense/mystery/romance genre.

everything else simply comes from reading... xp

Ark the Guardian
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    Krokodil Gena
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    commentCommented on: Mon Mar 24, 2008 @ 01:09am
    Very nice, Dragonians sound cool.

    commentCommented on: Mon Mar 24, 2008 @ 01:10am
    im liking it...sounds cool ^-^

    Demoniic Muffiinz
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