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The Many Tales of Otherworld
Life Sucks: Home and School edition part 4
You know, after spending three years in the labs, I thought that life could not possibly get any worse. I was horribly wrong by the institution called school. After I had gotten back to the real world on the surface, I was taken in by a man named Zion. He was real tall with messy brown hair and blood red eyes, which told me he was a dark demon. He explained to me that he was the leader of an organization known as the assassins. He raised me at the assassin base and forced me to go to school to learn and train to become stronger.
Because of the doctors, I was already very strong, but school taught me how to use that strength in fighting skills, defense skills, and weapon skills. The only thing I really hated about school was the people. Teachers and students alike shunned me because I was a forbidden child. If anyone tried to hurt me, I’d kick their asses and most eventually learned just to leave me alone. There were times though, when the upperclassmen decided to pay me a visit. I was strong enough to deal with kids my own age, but the older kids were way stronger and had more experience than me. During their visits, they would play games with me. The most popular is called Forbidden Child Soccer, or simply FC Soccer, where they took me outside and kicked me around and tried to herd me into the goals when I tried to run away. The game I hated the most was called FC Dodge ball, and the teams were always the same. Me vs. them. But instead of using dodge balls, they dodge ball sized rocks to throw at me.
Outside of school and outside the assassin headquarters was the only time that life was peaceful, until of course I got home. Zion was not the best guardian, and I tried my hardest to avoid him, but it was very difficult when he has millions of microscopic cameras floating around everywhere that are all connected to his mind so he sees what they see. When I got home, he usually cornered me in my bedroom where he made me cute on cute mini dresses and then he would molest and hurt me in ways I don’t feel comfortable talking about. He planned to rape me when I turned fourteen, when I was legal to have sex according to the Great Laws. I began planning a way to escape Zion before my fourteenth birthday, a feat that would not be easy to accomplish.

Simora Yumoto
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    Sat Dec 01, 2007 @ 11:31pm

    i like it! smile

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