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A Vampires thought
just my thoughts..thats all nothing more than that
mimi's adventure prt one
Mimi was walking down the road. "This suks" Thats one thing she alway said ot herslef when she was bored. She had a black short Kimono with boots that went up to her knee. Her white hair was shining in the sunlight. She came upon a stream. It was peaceful. No one around to bother her. No one around to see her. She would be able to bathe. She glanced around one more time to make sure no one would find her in this stream.

A guy came upon the stream Mimi was bathing in. He saw the back of her head. Her long white hair was laying across the water. Mimi heard him walking and turned around. When she saw him she ducked under the water. Only part of her face showing. The guy turned around. "Um...sorry I didn't know...um.....that someone was bathing in this stream." His face was turning red. "Hand me, my white kimono." She was talking about the kimono hanging on the tree branch. It was longer than the black she had on. The guy grabbed the kimono and stepped closer to the stream. "Close your eyes." Mimi came closer to the shore. The guy closed his eyes. Mimi grabbed the kimono and slipped it over her saoking wet body. She examined the guy. He had dark brown hair, red eyes. He had a black leather colar along with a blank tank. the tank was covered with an open red short sleeve shirt. He had a black tatto going up from his neck and onto the right side of his face. She grabbed his arm seeing his black leather gloves. "who are you?" Mimi was curious. He opened his eyes. "It's Jason." He looked at her. Mimi was biting her lips. "Um.....I think....I'll just go now, and leave you be." Jason was stuttering. He went to leave, and Mimi grabbed the back of Jason's shirt. "You're not off the hook yet, Mister Jason." Jason looked at her in confusion. Mimi looked like a inncoent teenage girl who would never hurt a soul and Jason looked like a warrior/punk who wasn't afraid to pick a fight. "I'm srry but what is there to do with you.You look like you wouldn't ever hurt a soul." Jason should have chosse his words more carefully. Mimi kicked Jason in the stomach. Then she slid her feet acroos the grass and tripped Jason. Jason fell on his back. "Pft don't misjudge the loks of a girl."

Mimi was in her black kimono now, while Jason was tied to a tree. The black and white tigers tha where by her side disapeared. "See I"m not the cute innocent little girl you think I am. I am a dark mistress who is just passing by.And before I let you go I"m going to erase your memorys of that little incident we just had." Mimi came closer to Jason. she put her hands over his face. Jason kicked her in the stomach. Mimi fell back onto the ground. Jason began to cut open the rope. "I'm sorry about that little run in, nbut I can't stay any longer." Jason riped the remaining of the rope off him and cracked his neck. He went to run back down the road, when one of the black and white tigers jumped on his back. Mimi sat up. "You did not just kick me. I'll kill you." Mimi took out her dager and walked over to Jason. "You may look tuff but you don't seem like it." Mimi croached down and looked at his face. She placed her hand on his face. The tiger growled at her. "why are you growling at me?!" Mimi barked. The tiger transformed into a girl with black leather pnts and a white bagy top. Her hair was also white with orange eyes. But she look slightly older than Mimi. "leave him alone Mimi. Or make him your b***h. But daddy says you can't earse anyones memorys anymore. You may be a hybrid, but you still have to listen to daddy." Mimi looked at her. The glare she was exchanging to her older sister told her that she was pissed. "what the hell do you mean by hybrid. what are you a mix breed vampire?" Jason pushed himself up with his hands. the girl was still on his back. Mimi stood up. "So whats your choice. Leave him alone or make him your b***h?" Her sister had a smile on her face. "He can be my b***h for alittle bit. But before you go Tami tell daddy hes a jerk." [tami is the other girl on Jason's back] Tami stood up. "fine bye Mimi!" Tami disappeared in a pink smoke. Jason grabbed Mimis foot and pulled her to the ground. He went ontop of her. "What do you mean by hybrid?" Jason had a serious look on his face. Mimi punched Jason in the face. "Get off me or the consaquences will be dire." Jason smirked. He got off Mimi put he had a grip on her hand so she couldn't leave. "What I mean by hybrid is that I"m half vampire, and half warewolf." Mimi was annoyed. She wanted to kill Jason for the fact that he saw her naked. The fact that he saw her bathing would stay in her mind. "Well you shouldn't be keeping me around cause I hunt those warewolves and vampires." Jason went to get up and Mimi grabbed his arm. Jason grabbed Mimis hand and pulled her up. "I'm sorry, but you're going to have to let go of me.I'm not staying here." Mimi slapped him and then kicked him in the chest. Jason stayed on his feet. "I'm not going to take this crap form this brat." Jason tripped her. Mimi jumped up and then kicked Jason. Jason blocked with his arm, and then grabbed her foot. Mimi swung her other foot at Jason. He palms where on the ground. Jason grabs her other foot and twisted her. She landed on her face. Jason placed his foot on her back to keep her from sitting up. "Get your foot off me." Jason looked down at her. "I'm not staying with you." He took his foot off her. Mimi got up. Jason began to walk away. "Hey!" Jason turned around. "what do you want no..." Jason couldn't finish his scentence, for Mimi jumped on him and began to kiss him. His eyes turned black as he fell back. He couldn't move his body. Mimi sat up. "I told you.You're going to my b***h now. whether you like it or not" Jason couldn't answer. Mimi stood up not looking at Jason. She went up ro her horse and puled out a silver heart and went back up to Jason. The silver heart had a red ruby in the middle of the back. She bended down and placed the heart on his leather colar. His eyes closed. "Yeah now your my b***h wheter you like it or not.

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