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A Vampires thought
just my thoughts..thats all nothing more than that
prt to of mimis adveture
Jason opened his eyes. He was still laying on the ground. He sat up and saw Mimi next t the fire. She had a dager in her right hand. "What did you do to me?" Jason was looking directly into Mimi's eyes. Mimi looked at her dager and then slit her wrist open. Jason jolted. He went over to her and grabbed the dager out of her hand. "What are you doing!?" Mimi slapped him across his face. "For one don't grab my dager out of my hand ever!And for two don't ever touch me!" Mimi took back her dager and then walked over to a tree. Mimi bit into her wrist. she was turned the other way so Jason couldn't see what she was doing. "So are you going to answer me?" Jason came closer to her. then he glanced behind him. Still seeing that they where at the stream. He went to walk away and then fell back for some reason. "Holy s**t." Jason sat up. Mimi turned around. Her jaw was filled with blood. "You can't leave." Mimi went up to him. She placed her hand on his left cheek. With her left hand. blood got on his face. "So you are stuck with me intill i let you leave." Mimi opened his lip slighlty to see fangs. Jason grabbed her hand and pulled her down. "so you hunt your own kind?" Jason didn't reply. Mimi twitched alittle and went to slap him again. Jason grabbed her hand and pulled her onto his chest. "why can't you be friendly?" Jason looked at her. "Why are you hunting your own kind?" Mimi wouldn't answer the quetsion. "I have my own reasons for that." Mimi tried to get up, but Jason sat up. He still had a grip on Mimi. "Ket go of me!" Mimi tried to sit up. Jason grabbed the back of Mimi's neck and began to bite into ther neck. Mimi began to wince in pain. "Don't.......stop it!" Jason just closed his eyes. His grip tighten as he drank more and more blood form Mimi's neck. Mimi tried to push away from him.

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