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Ah what ever pops into my head wether it be dream avi's or poetry.
Favorite quotes

"I was scared I was gonna have to breastfeed with my severe lack of tits."

You know you're old when you don't even remember dying.

“Who the hell gave Blaise coffee?” Draco questioned.

“I think he just injects the caffeine into his veins.” Harry explained solemnly.


“YEAH! ...Wait what?” Blaze said as he bounced in his seat.

“Nothing Blaze the grownups are talking.” Harry patted his best friend on the shoulder.

“Awwww! I hate it when the grownups talk. I never get to participate.” Here the Italian pouted like a small child. Draco and Harry shared a smile.

Attention to health is life's greatest hindrance.’ - Plato
'Plato was a bore.’ - Friedrich Nietzsche
'Nietzsche was stupid and abnormal.’- Leo Tolstoy
‘I'm not going to get into the ring with Tolstoy.’ - Ernest Hemingway
‘Hemingway was a jerk.’ - Harold Robbins

Mom’s mad Rem! He’s going to spank us and send us into time out!”

“No mommy! We love you!”

Sirius stared. “And the say that I am the insane one.”

Mmmkay.” Said the distracted Vampire King. Paperwork was a b***h period. Remus knew this and smirked. Time for his favorite game.

“While I’m out, I’m going to go on a murderous rampage throughout London.”

“Well have fun.”

“Then I’m going to get some whores to knock my junk around.”

“Use a condom and don't get stabbed.”

“Then I shall take over a supermarket and throw cured meats at people starkers and sing the lyrics to Billy Joel songs in Chinese.”

Sirius looked and stared at his best friend. “Moony you need help.”
We all agree that your theory is crazy but is it crazy enough?’ –Niels Bohr

‘Is everyone here very stoned?’- Spike from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” -Franz Kafka

“Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you walk into an open sewer and die.” –Mel Brooks

Truth is always stranger then fiction.

death is but a door...it swings both ways.

I like the insanity but stop the stupidity!

Those that say nothings inpossable never tried to slam a revolving door.

order is for the stupid true geniuses live in chaos.

death is for those with nothing better to do.

in the end the world as we know it dosen't exist.

This is not something to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown, with great force!

Those who live by the sword get shot by those that don't.

Never knock on Deaths door: ring the doorbell and run away! He really hates that!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Then find someone whose life has given them vodka, and have a party!

When life gives you lemons, make grape juice. Then sit back and let the world wonder how you did it.

When life gives you lemons, give them back and DEMAND CHOCOLATE.

When life gives you lemons, give them back and demand cash.

Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.


It takes a big man to cry, but it takes an even bigger man to laugh at that man.

Suicide is a way of telling God, "YOU CAN'T FIRE ME,I QUIT!"

Death is a way of God telling you not to be a wise guy.

If at first you don't succeed, then destroy all evidence that you tried.

That which doesn't kill you...will probably try again.

Its tourist season, so why can't I shoot them?

If at first you do succeed, try not to look too astonished.

Don't play dumb with me, I'll always win.

Whoever said nothing is impossible, never tried to slam a revolving door...

Always forgive your enemies-nothing annoys them so much.

If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?

I used to have an open mind, but my brains kept falling out.

Evening news is where they tell you 'good evening' then proceed to tell you why it isn't.

Join the army, visit exotic places, meet strange people, then kill them.

Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.

When you’re right, no one remembers, when you’re wrong, no one forgets.

Shin: a device for finding furniture in the dark.

Who is General Failure and why is he reading my hard disk?

Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your kids.

They didn't let me out, they just gave me a day pass!

3 kinds of people: those who can count, and those who can't.

A day without sunshine, is like, night.

According to my calculations, the problem doesn't exist.

All those who believe in psycho kinesis raise my hand.


Confucius say: "Man who stands on toilet is high on pot!"

Corduroy Pillows: they’re making headlines!

Do not play leap frog with a unicorn.

Elvis has left the planet.

Florida: We're number one! Wait! Recount!

Gravity is a myth: the Earth sucks.

Horn broken: watch for Finger!

I have the Body of a god...Buddha...

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Then it's hilarious!

I don’t suffer from insanity I enjoy every minute of it

A good friend will come and bail you out of jail… but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying “damn…that was fun”

333 I’m only half evil

Don’t take live too seriously. It isn’t permanent

I don’t have a drinking problem I get drunk I pass out no problem.

Yesterday is another country, Borders are now closed.

I’ll be a marshmallow peep, Smash me nuts captain.

I don’t play dumb, I always lose.

Nutter then a fruitcake.


Right now I've got amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think I've forgotten this before.

The gene pool could use a little chlorine.

Time is what keeps things from happening all at once.

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

When choosing between two evils I always like to go for the one I've never tried before.

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

Be kind to your offspring. They get to choose your nursing home.

Bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of cheques.

Cancer cures smoking.

Constipated people don't give a crap.

Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.

Do old men wear boxers or briefs? - Depends.

Don't steal. The government hates the competition.

Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just don't have film.

I almost had a psychic girlfriend but she left me before we met.

I bet I can stop gambling.

I didn't fight my way to the top of the food chain to become a vegetarian.

Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.

Your kid may be an honor student but you're still an idiot.

If we aren't supposed to eat animals, why are they made with meat?

Few women admit their age, few men act it.

Vegetarians taste better.

I do whatever my rice crispies tell me to.

Elvis shot JFK.

So many people...so few comets.

Comfort the disturbed. Disturb the comfortable.

A waist is a terrible thing to mind.

It's lonely at the top, but you eat better.

You non-conformists are all alike.

Love: Two vowels, two consonants, two fools.

Some people are alive only because it's illegal to kill them.

Pride is what we have. Pity is what others have.

Forget about world peace . . . visualize using your turn signal.

Sex is like pizza, when it's bad it's still kinda good.

Warning: Dates on calendar are closer than they appear.

Give me ambiguity or give me something else.

We have enough youth, how about a fountain of "smart."

Jesus loves you! But everyone else thinks you're an a*****e.

Spandex: A privilege, not a right.

Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot.

He who laughs last thinks slowest.

Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else

At a nudist wedding everyone can see who the best man is.

Caution: I know karate...and six other Chinese words.

Change is inevitable. Except from a vending machine.

Never visit a doctor who can't keep her office plants alive.

Dyslexics of the world unite!

Lottery: A tax on people who are bad at math.

Very funny Scotty. Now beam down my clothes.

Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.

Consciousness: That annoying time between naps.

We are Microsoft. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

Why is "abbreviation" such a long word?

Ever stop to think, and forget to start again?

Diplomacy is the art of saying "nice doggy" . . . until you can find a rock.

The early bird may get the worm, but it's the second mouse that gets the cheese.

Follow your dream! (Unless it's the one where you're at work only wearing underwear during a fire drill.)

Forecast for tonight: dark.

I always wanted to be a procrastinator but I never got around to it.

I don't get even, I get odder.

If marriage was outlawed only outlaws would have in-laws.

If Noah had been truly wise, he would have swatted those two flies.

Don't drink and park. Accidents cause people.

If your nose runs and your feet smell you were probably built upside down.

I like you but I wouldn't want to see you working with sub-atomic particles.

"Auntie Em: Hate you; hate Kansas, taking the dog." - Dorothy

Lead me not into temptation, I can find it myself.

In just two days tomorrow will be yesterday.

Last night I played a blank tape full blast. The mime next door went nuts.

I'm not broke I'm just having an out of money experience.

My inferiority complex is not nearly as good as yours.

Ignoring bullshit is wrong, bullshit makes the flowers grow, and that's beautiful.

If you can't baffle them with brilliance, befuddle them with bullshit.

People will believe anything if you whisper it.

Plan to be spontaneous tomorrow.

. I intend to live forever. So far, so good

If you ain't makin' waves, you ain't kickin' hard enough

Quantum Mechanics: the stuff dreams are made of

Support bacteria - they're the only culture some people have

24 hours in a day... 24 beers in a case... coincidence?

If you choke a Smurf what color does it turn'?

What happens if you get scared half to death twice?

Energizer Bunny arrested. Charged with battery

For Sale: Parachute. Only used once. Never opened. Small stain

OK, so what's the speed of dark'?

Black holes are where God divided by zero.

I can please only one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow isn't looking good either.

I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by.

Someday we'll look back on all this, and plough into a parked car.

Tell me what you need, and I'll tell you how to get along without it.

Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue.

Needing someone is like needing a parachute. If he/she isn't there the first time you need them, chances are you won't be needing him/her again.

I don't have an attitude problem. You have a perception problem.

On the keyboard of life, always keep one finger on the Escape key.

Everybody is somebody else's weirdo

If you're going to do something wrong, have fun doing it.

You have the right to remain silent, so please SHUT UP

That which doesn't kill you... will probably try again

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it

A true friend stabs you in the front

Cry me a river, build a bridge, and jump off it.

I take a simple view of living. it is to keep your eyes open and get on with it.

You can't say that civilization doesn't advance, however, for in every war they kill you in a new way.

To some, death may be a blessing, to others, a vice. Me? I think death is a necessity.

They condemn what they do not understand

There are a few ways to silence the screams. Bullets happen to be one of the more efficent methods.

Too often we lose sight of life's simple pleasures. Remember, when someone annoys you it takes 42 muscles in your face to frown, BUT, it only takes 4 muscles to extend your arm and b***h-slap that mother@#?!&! upside the head. Pass it on.

What if the hokey-pokey really is what it's all about?

What's his name?'


'Mystery dude. What's his name?'

'Uh…I didn't get it. I must have forgot,' Mello said, blinking.

'Holy ********! What a stupid move!'

'Matt, stop talking to that ******** game.'

'I wasn't that time.'

Strangers are scary.

flee from their candy!


silly neko kitty paws are for rabbits-my friend emily

'You smell good... Can I eat you?'

'No, I'll give you indigestion. Besides, I'm pretty sure cannibalism is illegal.'


fav quotes -'Our most precious memories lie deep in our hearts, out of reach.' - Chain of Memories [KH XD]
'THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!'
Your stupidity never ceases to astound me.
Don't be a hater. Be an appreciater.
Get with the program!
Don't even try it.
Do you HAVE a death wish?
Fear not death, but life itself.
Everyone has turned into an idiot
Pardon me, but my mind has wandered...have you seen it lately?
Well, that went quite well.
...Because some memories aren't meant to leave traces.
for a smart girl ur good at stupid
i think ill have to settle for hunting stupid mice.they wont stand a chance.i shall just wander up to them and sit on them till they surrender. -graypaw-
whoa! that blonde chicks a dude?!?awe man -blades of glory-
im not short im fun sized!:Britiney

We stand in awe before that which cannot be seen---------------------

if you die, I'll kill you(suggested by hotaka)

those who defy fate r granted glory

speak then prepare to die(suggested by kisame,kiabutsu or brandon)

It's people like you that make people like me need medication

(Kaboom) You go, BYE-BYE!

if u die u get an F:my P.E teacher lol

A B C D E F G Barney is my enemy, Up above the world so high, Is he ready to die? A B C D E F G Barney is my enemyyyyyyyy





You see, When a man loves a woman very much... '

About 5 seconds later




You really, really, are a n00b, aren't you?

We are all, going, to die!

I don't like to have enemies, unless I can kill them easily.

are like
apples on trees.
The best ones are
at the top of the tree. The
boys don't want to reach
for the good ones because they
are afraid of falling and getting hurt.
Instead, they just get the rotten apples
from the ground that aren't as good,
but easy. So the apples at the top think
something is wrong with them, when in
reality, they're amazing. They just
have to wait for the right boy to
come along, the one who's
brave enough to
climb all
the way
to the top
of the tree.

Damn it, there are so many idiots whose asses I have to kick! I'll have to start carrying a list just to keep track of 'em all!' -Ed from FMA

'I'm not creepy... I'm just different.'

If the doctor told me I had six minutes to live, I'd type a little faster.


In a world of cheerios...be a fruit loop!

ill kick ur arse to the moons!

moo-cow moo-cow a pirates life 4 me shiver me timbers and chips ahoy!:Me and Lex X3

u cant rape the willing.......but we could pretend....lol

bye! im going home to torture my husband

in the name of the father the son and the super hot holy ghost...O.o

got it memorized?-axel (kingdom hearts 2)

I've been having these wierd thoughts lately, like is any of this for real, or not- sora (kingdom hearts)

a far off memory that's like a scatered dream, a scatered dream that's like a far off memory, I want to line the pieces up, your and mine- roxas(kingdom hearts 2)(hotaka suggested..again lol)

owwwww..only u would try a wrestling move in a spiritual realm

i know nothing!

I love apple juice! Do you love apple juice? It's so yummy and I love it! Do you want some or do you perfer orange? Orange yuck! So do you?

Bloo: Rip off artist!!!!(Kicks guy in shin and runs)

Cheese: Sprinkle sprinkle little car how I wonder is a cat!


Jamie: i hate u..........

Me: awwwwwwwwwwww i love u to >:3

DONT U LIE AT ME--my cute little twin cousins

get the hell back in the wall!

the funk was not with you

There are wounds that bleed and never heal....there are nightmares more terrible than death

my moms always gonna tell the truth even if shes lieing lol


'Your not going to let him live this down, are you?'



take me to rainbow land!

holy crap stop touching me.......... i kill you!

'I'm tired of chasing my dreams man. I'm just going to ask where they are going and hook up with them later.' - Mitch Hedberg

'A little love poem. 'Roses are red. Violets are blue. When the time is right, I shall kidnap you.''

You don't want to piss off any fox, especially when the fox is pregnant

thats threatening and romantic..it's threatmantic!

Food's bad but you should eat something. i did and it was godawful.............Good advertisement i cant wait!

Get this man a happy meal!...........what the matter with you? the sun used to shine outta your butt............Yeah, well i saw a docter about that

'There are only two ways of spreading light--to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.'

'You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?''

'Reach for the Moon, Even if You Miss You'll Land Among the Stars.

''Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without hope.'

'What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.'

It's been confirmed by the CIA, the FBI, the National Department of Homeland Security, and myth-busters. -Random User on Neopets while having an argument about whether Miley Cyrus was a man or not.

Sit down, shut up, and listen to my story

'A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech'~unknown

'Snow is a sign of an eternal scene where everything stays still. Everything becomes motionless and cold yet it has a warm feeling to it. The outlining in snow is not gray but blue creating an effect of an eternal motionless scene,'



'Damn straight.'


What kind of cruel word is live?


if i'd fought u i'd die!.....YEP! =D........ur wierd...............


fear my puppet wrath.......

my favorite p***s has returned! (O.o..XD keke)

Six hours does not qualify as torture

If i sleep...they'll steal my cupcakes

if you throw up you get an A-My P.E. teacher again (EVIL EVILLLLLLLLLL!)

For every girl with a broken heart theirs a boy with a glue gun

'He says, and I quote, 'I refuse to rub a tropical salad on my head.''--a sora and riku yaoi

Dont make a gentleman raise her voice--lol i was talking in a british accent when i said that

Excuse me, I need to go wash my eyes

Why am I punished for the sins of others?

You know what they say the bigger they are......*gets flung into a wall*....uhgg the more bones they break >.<

What!? I was just giving him his birthday punches

With friends like you, who needs enemies!

You have a way with words...........one day you'll pay for that

Who told you satin was a good fabric choice? I can killl them for you

If you have to ask you'll never know

Your village called their cosplayer is missing

glomp me and die

I wonder if insurance covers damage caused by over abusive girlfriends

opposites attract and then they blow up in each others faces

A for effort?..F for yours try harder!


Do you believe in soulmates?

Yes the tooth fairy to


Cause in the end, the dreams you dream are all you ever were.' - Flickerstick 'Coke'

'PARADISE'...i doubt that really exisits...anywhere...even where the scent of the flower led me....this place ive struggled to reach.....is a long way from paradise........(wolfs rain)

Wishes don't shape the world

One cannot kill what has been dead for centuries.

(If someone asks u to smoke u answer like this) I just have an allergic reaction to lung cancer. Gives me tumors.

Hell is being alone

Ah, the little things in life you treasure

There's no StarWars in heaven? I'm not going

I will unleash all of my pregnant, female hormones on you!

You look like a beautiful whale!

UPS=Un-protected sex (i was just being a spaz looking at a UPS truck when i just came up wit this)

I like his hair it reminds me of my grandmother's dead poodle

Note to self: never rush a genocidal emo with a fishing rod. Even if he isn't emo anymore.

Note to self: leaning forward when you're hidden in bushes is not a good idea when trying to be stealthy.

If you think your the queen of stealth or something...your not

When in doubt get the hell out

The marshmellow commited suicide

your a stalker with hooves!

'I'm going to hit you in the face. If you cry, I'm going to hit you again.'

Never! I shall never be silenced!

Love is patient.Love is kind.Love doesnt act unbecomingly or seek its own.It is not provoked,nor does it take account a wrong suffered.Love doesnt rejoice in unrighteousness,but rejoices in truth.love bears all things,believes all things,hopes all things,endures all things.Love never fails....

Three rights make a left

Seriously that could be a lethal weapon! You could beat down a deer with that!

I did'nt know rice had balls!? O.O by (Me and my friend Shikamaru talking about rice balls)


How dare you call Santa fat…he's just fluffy.'


'Ya there are five different kinds of fat, there's big, healthy, husky, fluffy and DAMN! And Santa is at fluffy! Maybe a few more cookies then he'd be at level five!'


The sexiest thing since sex

Hello,mental health ward? There's an idiot by the school gate...

'umm pizza, a gift from the Italians'

No, I just need a shower from yesterday at Disneyland. It might be the happiest place on Earth but it sure as hell isn't the cleanest place on Earth

It's long and hard and full of sea men (lol)


Really? So, tell me, what are marshmellos-a fruit or a vegetable?

Both. They're unique like me.


like a cat being raped by a baby-eating-ghost.

So Sir may I ask you a question? Have you ever molested a muffin?

dude! the lights went out at barnes and noble! 'Did you steal the starbucks?!' 'Heck no! i went for the hot guy behind the starbucks counter!'

Break in case of emergencies! Someone get the purple nailpolish! Itachi's having a freak out!

Your puppy dog eyes of doom shall never beat the uchiha glare! dangit Sasuke gets your butt back over here! no no touchy bad! sit boy sit! Can someone get Naruto in here?!

How many cupcakes can you fit in your mouth? Hmm is this a retorical question? or do you really want me to find out? 5 minutes later... 9! whoop!

insert british accent here Was that a flying taco? Why righto I do belive that was a flying taco. And your the hotsauce that goes on top. Does that make you saucy baby?

Spidy senses! I will capture you with my silly string of doom!

someone: Edward Cullen lives in my 'basement'

me: he likes your 'basement'?

Someone: yup

me: thats kinda kinkeriffic

and you know...dr. pepper has magical qualities...honestly. it can take you from mellow to omfg fuzzy pickles in like less than a minute. and god love Grace...that chick has serious ADD and Skittleaphrenia. -Someone-

u know... i could never be a pyschologist... why u ask? because 1. i'm insane and well usually an insane person helping another insane person doesnt end well.. and 2. I would probably jump over the table and beat them with whatever object was handy.. most likely a stapler

When I see an old lady fall my first instinct is to laugh but then I think what if I was an ant and she fell on me.. then it wouldn't be so funny.

If at first you don;t succeed, skydiving is not for you!

I'm just trying to be nice for once. Not like it'll kill anyone...

I beg to differ whenever your nice evil always follows..and people usually die...

I once fought a tree...............and lost

I swear to god, your mother must've dropped you on your head repeatedly when you were a baby

You named a sock puppet.......Mr. Bubbles...............

'I don't mind what the opposition says about me…but when they descend to telling the truth about me, I consider that taking unfair advantage.' -Mark Twain

'Always acknowledge a fault. This will throw those in authority off their guard and give you an opportunity to commit more.' -Mark Twain

'The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.' -Albert Einstein

'Rogues are preferable to imbeciles because they sometimes take a rest.' -Alexandre Dumas

'If at first you don't succeed, find out if the loser gets anything.' -Bill Lyon

'Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.' -Mark Twain

'The very existence of flamethrowers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, 'You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I'm just not close enough to get the job done.'' -George Carlin

'A friend is someone who will help you move. A real friend is someone who will help you move a body' -Unknown

'I thoroughly disapprove of duels. If a man should challenge me, I would take him kindly and forgivingly by the hand and lead him to a quiet place and kill him.' -Mark Twain

these are from tales of symphonia:suggested by Artemis(used to be Hotaka Yano)

Kratos: 'Feel the pain of those 'inferior beings', as you burn in hell!'


Lloyd: What's that avaricious old geezer's problem?!

Raine: Oh, my!

Lloyd: Wh...what is it, Professor?...

Raine: I can't believe you know the word 'avaricious'!

Lloyd: Professor...

Raine: And you used it properly, too! That's fantastic!

Lloyd: Y...you don't have to praise me that much.

Raine: But it's a miracle!

Lloyd: Hehehe. You're making me blush.

Genis: Lloyd, she's making fun of you.

Lloyd: Shut up!


Zelos: That darkness beam was a lot of fun!

Lloyd: Really? All it does is make it pitch black. It's not any fun at

Zelos: You're an idiot, Lloyd.

Lloyd: What?! Why?!

Zelos: Darkness is great! It's the best chance to make your moves on a

Lloyd: What...?

Zelos: You can do all sorts of things to them, as much as you like!

Lloyd: ...Hey, Sheena! Zelos just said he's the one who had his hand on
your butt!

Sheena: ...Wh-what did you just say?!

Zelos: Whoa! Wait, stop, it's a misunderstanding! I haven't touched you
yet! ...Aaaaah!


Lloyd: How was that? Did you see that? The way I fought? I zipped right
out and boom!

Kratos: Humph...If that's all it takes to have you full of yourself, this
is going to be a long journey.

Lloyd: Wh...what? You got a problem with that?

Kratos: ...Just make sure you don't slack off.

Lloyd: Fine, whatever. You're no fun.


Raine: Now, everyone. Eat up.

Genis: Y...yeah. Okay...

Kratos: I'll try some. Well, it's...flavorful and...has a remarkable
texture. I've never eaten anything like this before.

Raine: Oh...so I messed up again.

Kratos: Ugh...First Aid!


Lloyd: Can you cook, Regal?

Regal: Humph. Don't underestimate me. How about you decide whether I can
or can't after you taste it?

Lloyd: Hey, this is pretty good!

Regal: Of course.

Lloyd: But knowing you, you probably made it with your feet, heh.

Regal: Of course.

Lloyd: ...

Regal: ...That was a joke.

Lloyd: It doesn't sound like a joke when you say it!

Zelos: I see...So Sheena's left and gone back to Mizuho?...Man, and I was
so looking forward to gazing upon that voluptuous body again.

Lloyd: ...That reminds me, you and Sheena know each other, right?

Zelos: Know each other? Now, now, Lloyd, that's a great misunderstanding!

Lloyd: Then what's the deal?

Zelos: We're lovers. She's my hunny. ((musical note))

Lloyd: What?! Really?

Zelos: My future hunny.

Lloyd: Bah, so you were just joking.

Zelos: No, it's no joke! Half the world's girls are destined to become my
servants of love!

Presea: ...The probability of that is...infinitely close to zero.

Doesn't it bother you that your milk is a color no man has seen before?'

You want emo black? Fine. I'm having Sunshine Freaking Yellow and there's not a DAMN thing you can do about it.'

'I'm going to poison you in your sleep if you don't SHUT UP!'

He's about as straight as a rainbow

'Over my dead, rotting corpse.'

Have fun. If things blow up I'll camp out on the floor and sleep under the Twister mat if I have to.'

They threatened to eat me.'

If I throw up, I'm going to do it on you.'

There's a difference between pyro and arson

I'm like cancer! I never go away ^ ^

Im not racist! I just dont like black people

Maybe we'll get lucky tomorrow and something will eat us

I swear,someone slapped you with the stupid stick really hard when we left.'

I don't have 'blonde moments.'
I have temporary technical difficulty.

When life gives you lemons. . squirt them in peoples eyes.

For a long time it gave me nightmares...
witnessing an injustice like that...
it's a constant reminder of just how unfair this world can be...
I can still hear them taunting him...
silly rabbit, tricks are for kids...

the man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone to blame it on. - Robert Bloch

Last night I lay in bed looking up at the stars in the sky and I thought to myself, where the heck is the ceiling? - Haha, makes me laugh everytime

Everybody wants to go to heaven; but nobody wants to die. - And it's just so true

Always remember you're unique...just like everyone else.

I saw the movie, 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' and I was surprised because I didn't see any tigers or dragons. And then I realised why: they're crouching and hidden. -Steve Martin

Never run from anything immortal........it attracts their attention -The Last Unicorn

Hells always better when you have an angel with you

'Tell me what you cherish the most. Give me the pleasure of taking it away?' - Sephiroth


Me:I'm being harassed by a small person

Uncle Eric: Yeah you gotta watch out for them

Me:Like hobo midgets?

Uncle Eric:....Yeah i can image that a group of them appears out of no where and attacks you

Me:......Hm i think im scared now

Uncle Eric:Good


He'll bring them blood and they'll love him for it

Gone in one fairy sigh-Valient by Holly Black

Immediatly after the monsters, die the heros- Roberto Calasso

All human beings should try and learn befor they die what they are running from,and to, and why- James Thurber

A douchebag can never reveil her secrets

why get botox? have a stroke it's much cheeper

Reality is which, when you stop believing in it,doesnt go away- Philip K. d**k

Those who restrain desire do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained-William Blake

They love not poison that do poison need-William Shakespeare

Strike a glass,and it will not endure an instant; simply do not strike it, and it will endure a thousand years- G.K. Chesterton

Perhaps they were right in putting love into books…

Perhaps it could not live anywhere else.

–William Faulkner Light in August

A heart is a heavy burden-Howl's moving castle

Great. Just what I need. A snot-nosed little kid walking around with a cold spreading germies everywhere. Ew

not always those who cant hate with all their heart love with all their heart and when that love is broken it destroys the person .-.by me........deepest crap ive ever spewed

All that we see or seem/ Is but a dream within a dream- Edgar Allen Poe

Uchiha Itachi.horniest man alive.

Ah love. The perpetual cliché. But so damn cute.

*grabs a bunny by the ears*-if you have a heart please dont do this at home.

This is the last warning. If you continue singing that song, I will ensure that it does end. As well as the pathetic existence you call a LIFE!'-Crimson Regrets by Devils Melody

Well, that's not a nice way to treat your guests…' Satoshi stated, ignorant of the icy glare aimed at his from the occupant of said domain. 'We had brought you flowers… but Krad ate them…'Also ignoring Krad's indignant response to that, 'I did not EAT them, I merely chewed on the stems damn-it'Satoshi rolled his eyes-Crimson Regrets by Devils Melody

'Sometimes you need to run away
Just to see who'll follow

Cookie, you realize, can't be breathed

There is no heaven or hell. When you die, you will go to the same place. Death is equal' – Ryuk

'I like walking in the rain, because no one can see I'm crying'.

It's not a diary damnit! It's a man journal!

jesus loves you everyone else ******** hates you XD

'So i asked my self what would jesus do? and i sent the ******** to hell. i must admit i felt better after that.'

Damn it... Get away from my strawberries

every time there's an awkward silence a gay baby is born XD

When Kaiba smiles, a puppy dies

YAY PWN the old madman

death by salt! XD

ya know i hear it's dangerous to hang urself in the middle of the street like that

screw the rules i have money!

'Yeah kick over a chair really mature'

The presence of random injustice means there is no justice-the joker

id make u swear on a bible but ik it makes ur skin sizzle-Dr. Cox (Scrubs)

I told you so have a brother, his name is SHUT THE HELL UP!

hey do u know how 2 drownd a blond?just glue a mirror 2 the bottem of a pool.

'The brightest light's only cast the darkest shadows'

Think he'll spontaneously combust if we poke him with something sharp?'

Better to ask forgivness than permission

'What!? were you hoping for some Yagami action?'

I'm no longer a threat to society.
' I remember my past in one way, then I remember it in another. If I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multple choice'
'Don't smoke, there's cooler ways to die'
'Don't stop yourself from crying, just don't let it be the reason for dying'
'The worse thing in life is to love someone who used to love you.'
'Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty'
'All human beings should try and learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why.'-James Thurber
'We must not look at goblin men,
We must not buy their fruits:
Who knows upon what soil they fed
Their hungry thirsty roots?'
-Christina Rossetti, 'Goblin Market'

'You can die a hero or live long enough to see yourself as a villain'
-Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent

'I don't plan things, I just do them.'

''My room! My somewhat beautiful room!'
'Somewhat beautiful room? It's not beautiful, it's a dump!'
'But it's my beautiful dump!''

Everything in this room is ediable. Even im ediable but that would be called canalbilsim and is frowned upon in most countrys.......

I'm with the blonde hurricane... You didn't shoot him, don't shoot me, okay?'

'In that situation, one is God. You possess that person, and they are forever part of you.' -Ted Bundy.

'dude how did you get your hair blood red!?
.........well, it used to be white
O.o'-random quote i came up with

Double note to self; Nate's cuteness is potentially lethal when taken in large doses…-Death note fanfic called Che Sara Sara (me no own)

u confuzzle me greatly-a convo between me and my friend

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.'
— Albert Einstein'

some say i have a short attention span, some say i dont listen, other say ... oh look a kitty!!!

If a jellybean came out of no where and ate your sister, what would you do?

Morituri te salutamus -- We who are about to die salute you. (said by gladiators to the master of the games before a contest)

bona fide -- in good faith

Deo Volente - God willing

vox populi - voice of the people

carpe diem -- seize the day!

mirable dictu -- wonderful to say

Omniae viae Romam procedunt.

All roads lead to Rome

lapsus linguae -- a slip of the tongue

Alma Mater -- foster mother

pro tempore -- for the time being

ab ovo - from the egg, from the beginning

ab urbe condita -- from the founding of the city (a.u.c.)

(Senatus Populusque Romanus -

The Senate and the Roman People)

verbatim -- word for word

Gaudeamus igitur -- therefore, let us rejoice.

ars longa, vita brevis -- art is long, life is short

in medias res -- in the midst of things

ante bellum - before the war (usually the Civil War)

Anno Domini (A.D.) -- the year of the Lord

Esse aut non esse! - to be or not to be

rara avis - a rare bird, or one
of a kind

laborare est orare - to work is to pray

pluribus unum - one from many (motto of USA)

certiorari -- to be made certain

exempli gratia (e.g.) - for example

Nemo est insula -

no man is an island

Draco: Why do you hate him so much?
Theo: I don't hate him. I just dislike him intensely.
Draco: Is there a differance?
Theo: Yes. If I hated I would have hurt him. But since I dislike him intensely I just dream about hurting him!
Sin: So you do dream about me. Draco, Theo and Sin from A fic 'Black Wings'.

Hermione: (sees Harry sitting on Draco's lap) Isn't that Harry over--
Ron: No.
Hermione: But it looks like H--
Ron: It's not, Harry is up in the tower, he's not having anything to do with Malfoy other then fighting.' Again from 'Ron Weasley and his Denial Tactics'

James: Hey you guys look at this. (throwing and catching an orb with golden smoke inside)
Remus: What's that?
James: Have no idea
Sirius: What do you mean, you have no idea?
James: Some bloke just handed it to me and told me to break it when I was alone.
Sirius: Prongs, you git, didn't your mother ever tell you not to take things from strangers? James, Sirius and Remus in 'CAUTION: Marauders Travelling' by aroar11 It's so funny

Sirius: Damn it James! Next time a stranger gives you something don't take it. And you're supposed to be the top of the class, huh?
Remus: He was probably trying to kill you.
James: If I see that git again I'll--
Sirius: I don't know about you two, but I seem to remember a date with a certian nurse in the hospital wing
Remus: Yea, you're right, I feel like I've just been chewed on and spit back out
James: I don't think I can make it Padfoot, carry me
Sirius: Carry you? You should be the one carry me you brainless git.
James: Awe that hurts Sirius but I'll make an exception because of your condition.
Sirius: I'll make an exception too, If I wasn't in this condition I'd do you some serious bodily damage.
McGonagall: Potter? Lupin? Black?
Sirius: Lovely to hear from you Professor McGonagall, I've missed you over this summer too. But at the moment and under the circumstances I would really like to see Madam Pomfery right now, you know drop by, say hi and ask if I'll ever feel normal again. Again from 'CAUTION: Marauders Travelling' When they appear in the future. Rather funny XD

The only thing I could think of that might be worse is you molesting a kitten while devouring whole cakes all at once and video-taping a gangbang of underage hookers, all of whom have some sort of terminal diseases with no cures whatsoever, all while jacking off to little midgets killing themselves as they cry about wolverines and the environment.'

'… L, just ******** say Nintendo and don't question my awesomeness when it comes to video-game knowledge.'

Created in the late 1970s and populated in the late 1980s, the Japanese phrase, 'YAma nashi, Ochi nashi, Imi nashi' meaning 'No climax, No point, No meaning' creates what popular acronym amongst anime fans?'

'Yaoi.' Raito answered without thinking.

Don't question my awesomeness when it comes to words.'

It glistens like Edward's face on a hot summer morning-my friend Emily after we saw Twilight and she saw something shiney at Albertson's

There's a bus coming in ten minutes...be under it.

The Doctors said I was a deranged sociopath with paranoid delusions, but they were just out to get me because I threatened to kill them.

I don't have as much time as I need to see everything, but that is what makes it so special - Bridge to Terabithia

Some children were lined up in the cafeteria of a Catholic elementary school for lunch. At the head of the table was a large pile of apples. The nun made a note, and posted on the apple tray: "Take only ONE. God is watching." Moving further along the lunch line, at the other end of the table was a large pile of chocolate chip cookies. A child had written a note, "Take all You want. God is watching the apples!"

When a woman says nothing's wrong, it means everything is wrong, and when she says everything's wrong it means EVERYTHING is wrong and when she says something's not funny you better not laugh your a** off!

Oh, brilliant, it's you! You're my favorite, you are, you are the best, you know why? Cause you're so thick! You're Mr. Thick Thick Thickety Thick-face from Thick-town, Thickania. And so's your dad!"

All writers are lunatics" - Fenoglio, 'Inkspell'

"Words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth." - 'V for Vendetta'

'The goldfish does not reveal the island's secret but the Sticky Bun does.' - Solitaire mystery by Jostein Gaarder

'Sanity is a playground for the unimaginative'

'Time isn't made out of lines, its made out of circles. That's why clocks are round.' - RvB

"Please don't kill me I have three friends...kill them instead" - YGO Abridged

'I don't want to be dead. I want to be alive...or a cowboy.' - RvB

You cannot kiss an idea, cannot touch it, or hold it... ideas do not bleed, they do not feel pain, they do not love... - V for Vendetta

"God is in the rain..." - V for Vendetta

I don’t want to die now!…I’ve still got a headache! I don’t want to go to heaven with a headache, I’d be all cross and wouldn’t enjoy it!”’ - ‘Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy’ by Douglas Adams

Friendship's more lasting than love, and more legal than stalking - Coupling

Reinette: Oh, this is my lover, the King of France. The Doctor: Yeah? Well I'm the Lord of Time. - 'Doctor Who: the girl in the Fireplace'

Poirot: You do not think women murder? Hastings: No, they just don't get caught

Sen the Dark Kitsune
# Status: Doing private things with TheLegendaryDetective-L, knock before entering- i did not do this XD it was him!


Gonna go die now, don't SAVE ME BIOTCHES~~"

Everyone says im gay even my boyfriend-Ryan (lmao XD)

bombing for peace is like ******** for virginity

heaven doesnt want me and hell is afraid ill take over.(ish true 3nodding )

~Stop squirming and die like an adult!~
You can’t give me a ticket for having an orange car!
Ugly color, ugly ticket.” -from painted love by jma

Dreams permit each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives

-I am the most feared eating utensil on the face of the earth! Bow to me, for I am supreme!- exclaims the spork.

I don't suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it!!!!


"How dare you drop the superior Spork?! You will die a death of embarrassing proportions, for I will scoop your eyes out and pick them up with my stunted prongs! Fear me, wretched flesh bag!-

I really hate sporks.

-You realize you're the unholy union of spoon and fork, right?- asks the tupperware.

-You're just jealous, plastic peon.-"

Get the hell off me, you a**!”


“Daddy, Mihael just screamed in my ear!”







“NO, I DO!”




Raito sighed as he then waited for it…









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Community Member

Thu Nov 27, 2008 @ 09:31am

omg i have to admit most of your qoutes are awsome!!!

I have a few quotes myslef.

" to be looked at but be hated is beter then to be looked at but not be seen" By: Me

“I don’t see what the whole point of taking pictures is. I mean, if taking pictures are suppose to remind you of a fond memory then taking the picture to begin with means that the memory wasn’t fond enough for you to bother to remember.” By: A person who said this in my math class.

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