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Gabriel Alexander's Training Grounds
I hardly ever update this thing, but when I do, it is worthwhile.
All About Immortals
My name is Gabriel Alexander. I am an Immortal. AS in the past there have been frequent confusion as to who my people are, I wish to explain to all those curious to stumble across here about my nature. My race of people is much different than you may think of other immortals, such as undead, vampires, lycans, demons, etc. My race has been around for quite sometime living amongst humans and battling each other in mortal combat for many an age. At first glance, we appear as any normal human would. But in combat, we cannot be killed save one way alone.

We live amongst man engaged permanently in what is known as the Game. When Immortals choose to battle one another, it is to death. The winner takes the loser's head...and with it, his power. This process of a transfer of one Immortal's power to another is known as the Quickening. Only through the removal of an Immortal's head can they trully die and their soul transfered to the victor.

The Game's object and rules are simple...In the End, there can be only One. When the last two Immortals left on Earth do battle, both possessing the power and strength of all Immortals before them, the last to stand will help to rule the Earth with the wisdom, power, and strength of all Immortals of his or her race. The rules of combat are also simple and rarely ever disobeyed as a matter of honor.

In combat, only two Immortals can face each other at once. Battle is never affected on holy ground, be it a cemetary, church, mosque, synagouge, burial mound, or even any place that was once considered sacred or holy ground. Finally, an Immortal in the process of receiving a Quickening cannot be attacked nor harmed by another Immortal.

As for the physical limits of the body, an Immortal can experience death of sorts without the removal of one's head. This state is never permanent and is the only time when an Immortal is ever vulnerable. This means that this temporary state of death can be acheived through stabbing, being shot, hung, poisoned, bombed, burned, impaled, drowned, and any other way other than beheading. After this temporary death is completed which varies in length of time, the Immortal's body is completely healed as if nothing ever happened. Believe me, it is not fun, especially being shot in the head, I do know from experience unfortunately.

As far as how an Immortal is born, it is trully unknown. All Immortals are simply found as infants and children and most often raised by mortal man as mortals. Many Immortals never learn of their Immortal nature until they experience their first "death." Once this first death is reached and the Immortal reawakens in this new state, aging ceases from that moment on and the Immortal continues on in life engaged in the Game whether he likes it or not. There have been in history and perhaps still are, Immortal children who with the wisdom of years and years remain young only in looks. There are also Immortal in the appearance of old men and women who despite their frail appearance are forces to be reckoned with as well.

As for the Quickening, as I said before, it is a transfer of power and strength. In essence it is as if the soul of the other Immortal is transferred to the one who took his/her head. Along with power and strength, speed, skills, knowledge, and even memories are transferred. This power usually manifests itself in the form of light and electricity and it temporarily weakens greatly the Immortal receiving it.
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Here is an example. These have been known to cause power outages of entire cities depending on the strength of the Immortal killed.

As for abilities, aside from great strength, skill, experience, and wisdom, most Immortals aren't too different from mortals. We do possess the ability to sense other Immortals. Upon first experience, this sensation is rather painful and radiates throughout the body beginning first in the mind. It is not a way of pinpointing exactly another Immortal, but once felt, both Immortals experience the sensation. It is usually easy to spot the other Immortal of course, because with the possibility of losing your head, both Immortals look around and tend to be alert. Some sensations are distinct and some Immortals even claim to be able to distinguish an Immortal sensation from a familiar Immortal.

As for everything else, I will leave most up to the imagination and answer any questions you may have if any.

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    Not bad its like combining highlander with 300

    comment AJ Hattori · Community Member · Thu May 14, 2009 @ 12:36am
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