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I hardly ever update this thing, but when I do, it is worthwhile.
Tips on beating Minerva of Crisis Core
This is all taken from a PM I wrote in my own hand to a fellow Crisis Core fan having trouble with Minerva. For the infinite gil trick, ask me and I'll tell you. Its really simple, but you need to be at Minerva to do it. Same goes for the 99 Phoenix Downs trick as well. Anyways, here's the PM in its entirety. If you don't understand part of it, ask me and I can clarify:

First off, there are 2 ways to beat Minerva. One way, you can beat her and be completely Invincible by doing it, but it takes a TON of preparation and a long time to do it. I'll list this one first since it is pretty common to try:

First off, you need to have the materia titled "SP Master." You need to have the materia leveled up so its Mastered as well. SP Master makes it so that damage is taken away from your SP rather than your HP.

Now, you already said you have a ton of gil. Go to the Net Shop Shade Shop and buy 99 Dualcast Materias. Or buy as many as you can if not 99. Then, in the Materia Menu, select Convert to SP and each of those 99 or so Dualcast materias need to be converted to SP. Since you have infinite gil, keep doing that until you have millions and millions and millions of SP. Some people even try for almost a billion SP, buying Dualcasts over and over again and converting them all to SP everytime. It takes a long time to get millions and millions, but you can do it. Patience is the game here.

Once you have amassed millions, or almost a billion SP by converting so many Dualcasts, then make sure you have "SP Master" materia equipped and mastered. Make sure VIT is at 255 and ATK is at 255. Luck at 155 doesn't hurt either. Also, gotta have Costly Punch materia equipped and mastered as well.

Go and fight Minerva. With SP Master materia equipped, everytime she hits you, it'll only take away from your SP, instead of your HP. She does tons of damage though, which is why you need millions of SP amassed, like close to a billion. After that, its just a matter of Costly Punching her over and over again until she dies. As long as you have SP, you are invincible.

The second way you beat her is just from my own experience. Its based on my fighting style, so you can adapt it to suit your own if you like. Its more of a challenge since you are not Invincible, but it can be done. I've even known people who can beat Minerva when they're only level 58.

My ATK was 255, VIT 255, MAG 255, LCK 155. I had Wall equipped with 999% HP and I also had Dispel Blade equipped with 990% HP. This gave me 99,999HP which I'm sure you know already. Costly Punch was equipped with VIT+100, giving me the 25 VIT stat. I also had Mug equipped with MP at 100% or more I think, and a Curaga with another big stat booster.

As for items, I had equipped, Genji Glove, Ziedrich, Genji Armor, and Genji Helm.
Genji Glove breaks the 9999 damage limit and makes all hits critical. This is to make sure Costly Punch will always, always do 999,999 damage.
Ziedrich ups all your stats except Luck by 100 and helps out with your defense when she casts her Fire, Ice, or Lightning attacks.
Genji Armor is equipped of course to break the HP limit and for the Ednure and Regen effects it has.
Finally, Genji Helm is selected because it stops expending MP and AP. It also adds a Libra effect, but this is irrelevant. You need infinite MP to use Curaga, especially since her Judgement Arrow attack puts you at 0 MP. With the Genji Helm, Curaga running out of MP is no problem.

Now, once prepared, go into battle. Make sure you have those 99 Phoenix Downs too, cause you need them.

Have one Phoenix Down all ready used on yourself when you first go in for the fight. As the fight starts, its time to get busy.

Run up and do Costly Punch a few times. Occasionally as you know, she hits you with her sword. Pay attention to the top of the screen. All her attacks are announced as you know. Make sure you dodge her sword slashes. Her Photon Feathers can be dodged or blocked, either way they don't hurt a lot. The only bad thing about them, is when they hit you, it wastes precious seconds you could be using to Costly Punch her over and over again.

Eventually, she does her magic attacks. Her fireball attack is slow and can be dodged. Just run around avoiding it until it disappears. Either that or block it. If you block it though, make sure to use a Curaga quickly. When the top of the screen announces her ice attack, immediately push triangle to block. It is almost impossible to dodge and will one-hit kill you if not blocked. Use Curaga after you manage to block it.

When the screen at the top says Thor's Hammer(her lightning attack) immediately dodge it with square. It can be dodged everytime and once dodged, you can quickly Costly Punch her. Everytime you die though, make sure that while Zack is being revived by a Phoenix Down, you use the L/R buttons to go to the Items section and have it pointed at another Phoenix Down to use immediately. Sometimes she is a b*****d and will use a magic attack immediately when you are revived. If this happens, its usually Thor's Hammer. If it is, dodge it quickly before using the Phoenix Down. Her magic can kill you faster than it takes the Phoenix Down to take effect. As always though, pay attention to the top of the screen at the same time you are fighting.

When she uses Judgement Arrow, make sure your HP is at least above 60,000 That's why Curaga is so important. If her Judgement arrow is used and you only have 30,000 HP, its a one-hit kill and it even eliminates your Phoenix Down. Then, the battle's over. Don't let your HP ever go below 50,000 if you can help it, cause you never know when she'll use Judgement Arrow. Once again, if you see the announcement for Judgement Arrow, before her attack takes place, i try to quickly use L/R to go to the Items Slot and have it pointed at Phoenix Down immediately. Then when the attack is over, I use it as fast as I can, then I heal.

Eventually as you keep hitting her with Costly Punch, or the occasional random DMW, she gets mad and uses Ultima. This attack can kill you, so make sure you are blocking it. Once she uses Ultima, this means two things are about to happen: 1. You've done a lot of damage and she is getting weaker. 2. Her attacks are going to start coming faster than before.

She uses Judgement Arrow less now, but her magic attacks are still frequent. Dodge Lightning. Block Ice. Dodge/Block Fire. You can only get in an occasional Costly Punch attack, since you have to dodge and block so much, but keep at it.

When she uses Null Magic, you can sometimes get in 3 Costly Punch attacks if you are close enough. If she uses her Null all damage attack, then don't waste your breath fighting her. Dodge and block when you can. Remember, if you are hit with a magic attack and die, while Zack is being revived by your Phoenix Down, use the L/R to get to the Item slot and have the next Phoenix Down ready.

Keep at it though and eventually she'll be beaten. Her HP is around 10 million or less, so it takes you hitting her with Costly Punch a LOT of times since each Costly Punch attack only does 99,999 damage.

When I fought her, I had hit her so many times, and her attacks were becoming so quick. Suddenly, she had killed me with an Ice attack while I was being careless. As usual, I went to the Item Slot and had a Phoenix Down ready to go, when once Zack was revived, suddenly I heard "Modulating Phase." 2 Sephiroths on the DMW reel and the third one spininning. I didn't have time to use the Phoenix Down because of the DMW reel. The third Sephiroth appeared and it was for a Level 1 Octoslash. Level 1! Zack did about 20k-22k damage with all 8 hits and as soon as it was over, it happened to be enough to kill her since I had hit her with Costly Punch so many times before. I wanted to jump for joy!

Then, as she dies, you get the item Divine Slayer. Divine Slayer breaks all HP, MP, AP limits and puts on a Libra effect. I'm thinking, yeah this is cool. So I go to my Missions again and once I get there, it gives me the item Heike Soul for completing all missions at 100%.

Heike Soul is crazy good. Minerva is easy to beat if you have this equipped. It breaks every limit: HP, MP, AP, Damage. Its adds Death, Silence, Stop, Poison, and Stun to the Fight Command. Absorbs all elements. Has Auto-Potion. Increases Enemy drop rate. 100% successful steals everytime. All items stolen or dropped are 100% rare. Doubles gil/items/materia from enemies. Increases Item effects just like Smart Consumer materia. Doubles your magic attacks. Adds Libra effect. Adds SP Master level 1.

The only bad thing about Heike Soul is that your are cursed, so your DMW reel doesn't move. But with Heike Soul, Genji Helm, and Genji Shield, you are pretty much an unstoppable god anyways, so you really don't need DMWs anymore.

Minerva is a lot easier to beat then and you can fight her as much as you want. Also, Kunsel sends a Mail to you once you beat Minerva asking if it is you who have become the legendary SOLDIER. Its pretty cool.

Anyways, hope this helps you out in your quest to beat Minerva.

Draketooth Silvertongue
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Draketooth Silvertongue
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