He saw her walk past his house
just a glimpse was all he saw

a streak of yellow and black

he stepped outside of his house to see who it was

at first he didn't see anything
then a slight movement at the top of the hill

he saw a teen
she seemed so familiar
and yet he couldn't identify her

suddely she turned and looked at him

her eyes were wide with excitement and ........insanity
she had a wide smile on her face

then he recognized her

thoughts flew through his head
the only one who understood him
the only one he loved

then thoughts of blood and pain
her face wrought with fear
her whole body covered in blood
all except the tear marks

the knife in her hand the dead man at her feet

her mother in the other room dead

and he rembered the scream that tore from her lips

the knife fell
she ran toward him
and he held her in his arms
as she cried and explained what happened

the man, James, had killed her mother

and then he had gone for her
a knife in his hand
she had disarmed him
and then she took the knife

then she wouldn't speak
he could put it together

he opened his eyes and she was still there staring at him
the girl he had loved and the girl who they had taken from him

had she snapped
what had they done to her there

her eyes started to soften as she looked at him
then went back to the way they had and she