The Demon and the Daughter of Nature

Left foot

Right foot

Left foot

Right foot

Left foot

I must stay alive
i must keep moving
i must

My life is a dreadful mix of emotions

I must stay alive to save them

and there is Ferin
the wolf that has brought us this far
we have protected eachother

and i am starting to forget the human tounge
for all i have said has been in wolf

for i am the daughter of mother nature
i was forced to learn the tounges of all living things

i hated learning it then but it has saved our lives these past months

get out she said
leave this house now
and never come back

mother kicked me out

for i was in love
in love with a Demon

he was supposed to kill me
but it was love at sight

we had been together in all ways

and now I
the daughter of mother nature
was pregnent

i was pregnent with a demon's child
at least thats what i thought at first

but that was then
when i had just learned

i now know i am pregnent with twins

we had run together
run as far as we could
we ran north as far as the world would allow

we were both weak
and we were captured

he used the last of his power to free us
and was barley alive as he forced us out of the cave into the cold snow

so here i am now
9 months pregnent

and i see a town up ahead
and i must go for the children will come soon

and once they are born i t seal their souls to animals
a cruel act but a thing i must do for their protection

the girl's soul i shall seal to a bear
the boy's soul i shall seal to a bird

so i must keep going
i must keep taking steps

i must

for if i don't the children will die

and i won't make it to see the man i love ever again