ok well yeaterday was the best day ever! ok 1st my day started at school(i know school) but today was the day that we had to turn in this report wich we had to make a board for and every thing. and my boared was the best! all the teachers commented on it. and yesterday we had a sud teacher wich subs r awesome because they let u do every thing. and thats just wat we did! we had no work to do and me and my friend taylor (moonshinegirl1) made skra bks of our fav band the hole day! of course mine was mcr! and today i was going to taylors brothers b-day party (he was turning 9) and taylor said that there wa sgoing to be a surprise and i beged her to tell me but she woundt tell me.and after school i road home with taylor her dada and her bro to the groserie store and me and ylor went to gether and got sodas and stuff wail her dad and bro got the cake and stuff and i was playing on the carts wich was realy fun! and then when we were don there we whent back to the house and in the street there were 2 HOT EMO BOYS! so we climd up the stairs heried put on make up and did our hair and started spying on them through the window! then i hade the juts to yell out the window HI! it was so funny because the actuly yelld back hi! lol! then me and taylor got our bikes and went to the store to bye more stuff. then wen we were comeing back i saw a huge strech limo! we were going to ride in it to the moive theater! i started yelling! and then the emos saw me and taylor spying on them and we were so emberesst burning_eyes ! it was so funny. then we went in side and hade cake and we push taylors little bro head the cake! then it was time to go to the moivies! we grabbed our averil lavigh cd and the video camera and rolled dow the windows jamming to sk8ter boi! me and taylor stuk or heds out the windows and said hi to random peolple!i was waving at the realy cute emo boys! lol and then we were at the moivies and it was emo boy centrl! when taylors bro and her bros friend were in the moivie me and taylor snuck off to look for emo boys! (yeah were bad!) and i saw a realy cute boy and he smiled at me and i almost melted! he was so hot! then we road back to taylors house and i spent the night there and we didnt go to bed till 2am because we were watchin south park (the best cartoon besides breakfast monkey!) and in the mornig we went to the park in our p.js at 9am and ran through the sprinklers! it was awesome! then we went back to the house because i hade to go home. and that was the best day ever! but not as good as the mcr consert lol i am sorry this is realy long! biggrin