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Mainly A Poem or two and Character Profiles.
Lena Jane Hallewell
User Image Name: Lena Jane Hallewell
Age: 21
D.O.B.: June 27th, 1987
Height: 5'7
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Gold - with green and red specks.
She's nothing short of a firecracker when around those she's comfortable with. Stubborn as well with a little comical spunk that shows she can hold her ground. Her personality can be described no other than raw and colorful. She has the odd ability to be just about anything, but usually these emotions and such are outlandish.

But one thing can be certain of her, she is passionate. In everything she does she has a reserved passion burning in her eyes. She has the drive and the natural determination to succeed in what she does.
Lena was born in a small town right outside of Gaia. Directly after birth she was given to the adoption agency handled in the middle of Gaia and adopted by a couple who handled a bar when she was 5. She was sure her parents loved her no matter what the reason was and came to terms with her childhood and lived with the bar couple from then on.

The year growing she spent by helping with the bar - but she never touched alcohol. The drunken patrons repulsed her so she would simply resort to dish duty and cleaning the Inn's rooms. When she was in her early teen years she became an outspoken young girl - when men would slobber over the bar counters she would demand them to leave. When men would begin bickering before the fight she would bravely step between them, atleast two feet shorter than most and yell at them with passionate reinforcement to get there act together or leave.

She grew onto alot of the patrons - like a daughter. She made friends, and some others more as friend as she grew older and matured.

Around 17 she was attacked and almost changed into none other than a Vampire. Her attacker was known as Terrence and nothing else. She was luckily saved and never turned. Her rescuer was a stranger, named Johnny - a special hybrid - someone more complex than the likes of a vampire but fed on the blood of humans. She never understood his species fully and but she did accept him with absolute open arms.

Lena grew to have an affection for her rescuer. On certain days when he visited the Bar and they would talk in a booth. Soon they became quite close in friendship despite their species natural instinct to be predator and prey. One day in the forest, returning from a hike, Lena grew to have a sudden wave of sickness. Chills rocked her body from the core to the point she had to lean against a tree and sit on the uncomfortable roots. She called for help and the one to reply was her friend. He held her in his lap till whatever gripped her body left. That was when they became more than friends.

Their friendship lasted a year. It wasn't nothing less than bliss for Lena. She found someone to love and he loved her back. Never before did she had romance on the mind but was happy to have someone. But a little over a year during their friendship he disappeared. She heard nothing from him - he wasn't at his home. He didn't visit the bar. No note. Nothing. Her heart was broken in the simplest of terms.
Two years later since then Lena has blocked out any chance of someone to replace him. Her heart softens everyday as memories of Johnny become less vivid - less effective on her mind. A little part of her still wonders if he left her, or if something more devastating happened to him.

Now Lena, 19, a young woman now, has left her adopted bar for an education in possibly a career in something more adventurous. She'll live in a new life among new people. She'll learn things she never thought she could do.
New starts are fun!
Hobbies: Writing, Sketching, Reading, Playful Wrestling.
Special Markings: Tattoos - Fairy wings on her shoulderblades. Piercings - earlobes, cartlage(sp?), Nose (left nostril.).
Pets: Albino Ferret named Lily.

User Image

Coming back from a rather lengthy hiatus
{ Call me Sami }

I do art and roleplay and stuff.
User Image

Art by Ultimecia

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