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Silent Hill fan fic chapter 1
Samantha didn’t remember how she had gotten here, but she knew why she was here. Her mind was still a bit foggy as she grasped and slowly forgot why she was here. The fog began to move towards her as if to grab her before she could have any second thoughts. Sam wouldn’t be having any second thoughts.

‘Where am I?’
She looked around at her surroundings; she was on a long road that curved around down and down as far as she could see. She peered over the edge and could see what seemed to be shapes of buildings but the fog made it impossible to be sure.

‘Maybe I can find out where I’m at down there.’
Sam began to walk; the only sound was the echo of her brown boots patting the pavement and the eerie wind that nipped her neck. She tightened up her blue jean jacket and put her long red hair in a pony tail. Her thick black glasses seemed to fog up as she continued walking, she wasn’t used to such activities being the kind of girl she was.

The wind picked up as Sam noticed a large billboard of what seemed to be a cowboy smoking a cigarette with an orange setting sky behind him. The cowboy seemed weary and exhausted, and Sam was starting to feel for him. She was starting to get tired too; she didn’t think she should be this tired even with the life she’d lived.

The fog seemed to thicken as she went down and stopped at what appeared to be a beat up green sign which read “Welcome to Silent Hill.” Sam stared at it for a few moments, she thought the name sounded familiar but couldn’t put her finger on it. She shrugged it off and began to walk past the sign as her thoughts began to stir up more now. She was starting to feel scared, but it wasn’t until she passed that sign.

‘Why am I here?’

The wind stopped and her pony tail fell against the bare back of her neck. Everything was silent as she stared down the main street of Silent Hill. The buildings reminded Sam of one of those ghost towns you heard about in one of those national parks your family dragged you on. This reminded her the time her family decided it would be a great idea to go to some theme park called “Ghost city in the sky.” It was closed and the Ghost city had looked almost similar to this.

‘Except it doesn’t look like anyone’s been here in years…’

She came to the first building closest to her. It looked like a diner, the sign above the door was rusty but she could make out one of the words was “Café”. She took the handle of the glass door and opened it. Inside the café looked like it hadn’t been maintained in years. There was broken glass from the windows, layers of dust and rust and a few bullet casings. She knelt down at the bullet casings and fear began to fill her stomach.

‘What happened here…this is serious….’
She heard footsteps behind her. Samantha turned around to see what looked like a tall pale brunette standing behind her. She was completely nude, but there was a pink mark just on the front of her throat. Across the pink mark was a hair thing black line.

Sam gasped and jumped back, she didn’t see anyone when she came in and this woman couldn’t have come through the door without her hearing.
“Ma’m…are you alright?” Sam asked while shaking, she tried not to let the sound of her teeth chattering become too noticeable. The woman stared at Sam and her head began to go back towards her back as the thin hair line on the woman’s throat opened up to reveal razor sharp teeth and a long snake like tongue. Sam’s eyes widened with terror, something like this shouldn’t exist in the real world.

Sam screamed and stumbled backwards falling butt first into the bullet casings. The woman stumbled towards her and the mouth in her throat screeched a horrible cry as her arms reached for Sam. Sam got up and ran just in time for the finger tips of the woman to touch her back. She ran towards the broken window and dove through. A sliver of glass cut sliced her knee as she dove over the pieces of glass sticking up from the wall. She landed chest first on the sidewalk and she felt all her breath leave her lungs. The woman behind her screeched and stumbled out the window after her. Sam immediately got up and began to limp away as blood ran down her leg.

‘This is just a dream…this is just a dream…’

She stumbled and fell down again on her chest and her knee scraped the gravel of the road. She pushed herself up off the road and stumbled again onto the sidewalk opposite of the diner, the woman still walking behind her screeching.
“I’m gonna wake up…I’m gonna wake up.” She whispered as she limped towards a nearby alleyway. Her leg was burning now with the small pieces of gravel stuck inside the nice slice in her knee. She wasn’t used to any sort of pain much less this amount. She put her hand on the side of the wall as she limped down the alleyway.

‘Gotta get away…gotta get away.’

Just as she reached the end of the alleyway, a brick wall was visible…a dead end. Sam fell to her knees regardless of the pain and beat on the wall. The screeching got closer and closer, she closed her eyes and put her face in her hands as she cried.
Scott knocked on the door one more time. It was unusual for Sam to be gone from home, she didn’t leave the house much and Scott was one of her only friends…or so he thought.

“C’mon Sammy, it’s already 1!” Scott shouted and still no reply. He beat on the door again and sighed, he kicked some dirt around until he decided he was leaving.
“Yeah slacker! I’m leaving!” he shouted and just as he stepped off the first step, the door behind him opened. Scott turned around and the wind rushed through his wavy brown hair. His brown leather jacket caught the wind.
“Samantha?” Scott asked as he stepped forward and looked in the doorway. All of the lights were off and Scott looked down in the corner to see Sam’s shoes weren’t where she left them usually. Her car was still parked outside which struck him as strange.

‘Did she go for a walk? No she doesn’t do things like that…’
He took out his cell phone and dialed her cell number again. He heard the ring inside the house this time and hung up. He stepped into the doorway and peeked around the corner into the kitchen. Everything looked normal.
“Sam?” He called out.

He walked through the kitchen and into the living room. The TV was off, the whole room was clean. He stepped past the bookshelf and began his way up the stair case which led to the second floor. He peeked into the bathroom and the game room, but saw nothing of importance. He came to the last room, which was her room.
“Alright Sam, wake up!” He shouted and kicked her door open.

The room was clean, the bed was made up, and her CDs were all neatly stacked up by her stereo. There wasn’t even the usual bra or pair of panties on the floor either. Her cell phone lay on the small desk, he walked towards the desk and picked up the phone. He pressed center button and saw she had 16 missed calls.
‘I only called three times…I’m not that annoying.’
He pressed the center button again and her voice mail started up. He began to hang up, until a woman’s voice started speaking.

“Sam, where did you go last night? We lost track of things and when we woke up we were pulled over on the side of the road. You weren’t in there. We figured you went for help or something, well call us back and tell us what went on. I don’t remember s**t.” The woman spoke and it clicked.

‘Something happen last night?’

He let the next voicemail play and it was the same voice.
“Sam, c’mon are you sleeping or something? I drove by today and you didn’t answer the door. Call us back, we’ll try to go to that bar again tonight if you’re interested. Give us a call…you know the number.”

‘Sam didn’t come back?’

Scott went through the missed calls on Sam’s phone and found the number. He wrote it down and went back down the stairs. The front door was shut, he stopped and looked around. The house was getting darker on the inside now, a feeling of something bad was boiling inside Scott’s stomach. He grabbed the door knob and twisted feeling it was locked. He released the lock not thinking twice about how the door blew open and ran outside. He wanted out of that house.

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