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This is a journal about stuff
Chapter 2!
A horrible sound filled Samantha’s ears; it was the sound of meat beating eaten. She didn’t feel any pain and decided to let death take her. A few minutes passed by and the slapping noise was still heard and this time Sam noticed her cheek was wet. Her eyes opened and she was still in the alleyway, but as she turned her head a tongue licked her cheek. On the other side of that tongue was a long black face which belonged to a solid black German Sheppard dog. Sam sighed as her heart settled and she sat up.

She looked down the alleyway and saw it empty; the German Sheppard looked at her face and gave out a bark. Sam jumped and landed back on her butt.
“You have a nice way of asking.” She breathed out and she got up. Her leg howled with pain and she nearly fell over, but she put her hand against the brick of the wall to her right. The German Sheppard looked up at her as if to say “Hey, I was trying to tell you to be careful.”

Sam looked down at her new found friend and he looked back up at her waiting her next move. She turned her back to him and began to limp forward; he walked slowly beside her looking up at her curiously.

“I should give you a name...if you’re gonna be following me all day.”

Sam began to think of a name as she limped out of the alleyway. She didn’t want to think about how she survived, she just wanted out of this hell hole she was in. She limped down the sidewalk as names filled her mind. Then it hit her, the German Sheppard dog was solid black.

Sam thought about Venom from the Spider Man comic book series. She loved the idea of Venom being her savior (If he indeed did save her.) but decided Venom wasn’t a puppy name so she decided to use Eddie.

“How do you like the name Eddie?” She asked and the German Sheppard kept looking at her and cocked his head to the side.

“Okay…Eddie it is!” she said and she continued walking. Her leg was getting heavier and heavier. Eddie barked again as he seemed to notice Sam looking worse. He ran ahead of her and stopped in front of two glass doors on the building Sam was about to pass.

“What’s that?” Sam asked and looked at the sign which read “Nathan’s drugs.”
“Good Eddie…” she said and she pushed open the glass doors. The place looked to be in the same shape that the diner was. A layer of dust on everything, the once white walls were a rusty brown color. The shelves were still all up right and still contained boxes of supplies. Sam made her way and looked up at the isle signs.
“Disinfectant…Isle two….” She read aloud and limped towards Isle two as Eddie seemed to be sniffing something and ran down one of the opposite isles. She grabbed a bottle of cleaning alcohol and a few of the cotton balls. She went a few feet away from the alcohol and picked up some bandages. She sat down on the cashier desk and pulled her injured leg up. She remembered the time she scrapped her knee playing Hide and go seek with Scott. Her heart seemed to wither at the thought of Scott. She hadn’t realized he was probably worried sick about her. She cursed realizing again she had forgotten her cell phone and she decided she had to clean the wound.

‘Why didn’t I think about him before…did I forget him?’
She opened up the bottle and poured too much on the cotton ball. She grabbed another cotton ball and made sure to pour just a little bit on the cotton ball. She pressed the cotton ball and winced at the slight pain and began to clean up the wound with all the cotton balls she had picked up.

‘Scott…how could I have forgotten you…why did I suddenly remember you?’
Sam looked down at her wound and began to bandage it, her objective had changed. Her new objective was to escape the town and get back to Scott. That’s all she wanted to do now, she couldn’t shake off the horrible feeling of forgetting him earlier.

Eddie started growling at the opposite end of the store. Sam’s thoughts shattered and she looked towards that end of the store.

“Eddie?” she asked

The opposite end of the store was nearly pitch black, Eddie’s barking became more consistent and sounded more aggressive. Sam jumped down from the counter, she heard a crackling sound. The crackling exploded into a familiar song.

“Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world.”

Sam limped towards the end of the store where she heard the crackling and now the song…that song was playing and she limped faster towards the sound. A small radio with a tiny flash light lay on the ground, the flash light seemed to be on its last legs and needed batteries. Eddie was showing his teeth towards the radio as Sam picked up the radio.

“He took the midnight train, goooing anyyywherrre.”

‘That’s Journey…’ She thought. That song had a special importance, and before she could dwell on it, the song ended and turned into crackling again. Sam held the flash light as she tucked the radio in her blue jean jacket’s pocket. She had a feeling something was watching them.

The flash light flickered and began to shine more brightly into the dark. A figure stumbled forward, as the light focused on it; Sam’s mind was horrified once again.
The figure was hunched over and its main torso looked manly. It had two thick meat arms; female legs with stiletto heels, leather tape wrapped around cover its midsection. Its head was a beating heart which had four arms coming out of the cavities. Two of the arms were muscular and man looking and the other two were skinny and feminine. The heart throbbed and a horrible groan came from it. The thick meat arms looked about the size of punching bags. The monster slammed its meat arm against the wall. Sam watched as a small crater was formed in the wall as the monstrosity came forward. Sam backed up and tripped over a few knocked over bottles of medicine.

“Eddie!” She screamed and Eddie had already lunged forward. His teeth sank into the thick right meat arm. The monster howled a scream that was both male and female. It slung Eddie from its meat arm and turned its back to Sam. Eddie growled and lunged again, the monster swung slowly and Eddie managed to quickly side step and his teeth snapped off one of the womanly fingers. From the back of the monster, manly looking legs dangled wildly as Sam stood horrified. The monster howled and it slung one of its stiletto heels up against Eddie. Eddie flew up in the air and landed on his feet growling as the monster twitched forward.

Sam got up and stumbled down one of the isles, she found a wooden crutch still in the package and she ripped the plastic off. She limped back to the fight scene and could see Eddie had lunged again, sinking his teeth into the heart like head of the monster. Blood spewed out all over the walls as the man hands grabbed Eddie by his fur and flung him against the wall.

Sam limped faster trying to get there as Eddie lay on the ground, he looked up at the monster and continued growling even on the ground. The monster lifted up its right meat arm, just as Sam brought the wooden crutch down into the heart head of the beast. It screamed in pain as Sam ripped the crutch out of its head and slammed it back down breaking the crutch into meat. It howled once more, but this time it sounded only woman. It fell backwards and the two man legs in the back tried to hold it but, but broke under the weight. A man scream roared from the beast as Sam rammed the broken crutch into the head and left it there.

She fell backwards on her butt and sat there breathing heavily as Eddie finally got back up and walked slowly back to her. He rubbed his head against her leg and licked the bandage wrapped around her knee. She ran her hand against the top of his head and felt his silk fur.

“Alright…I’ve got your back as long as you’ve got mine.”

Eddie looked up at her and gave a bark of agreement.

“Hello?” the feminine voice asked.
“Hi, this is Sam’s friend Scott, I was wo-“
“Did you find her?! Oh please say you did.”
“I was going to ask you about the night you had last night…”
“We just went to a bar. That’s all.”
“When did she leave the car?”
“How do you know about that?”
“Just answer the question.”
Scott was getting annoyed, the girl seemed to be skipping the details but he had to know where to start looking.
“After the bar, she wanted to drive…she didn’t drink anything. I told her I was okay to drive….We didn’t get far…then all I remember is waking up in the morning and her not being there.”
“You mean… you just passed out…and woke up with the car nicely parked…and Sam was gone?”
There was a brief silence.
“Yeah…my friends Sara and Brad were with us, the same thing happened to them.”
“What bar did you go to?”
“It was J’s bar.”
“Thank you.”
Scott hung up the phone and stopped as the stop light turned red. He was thinking about the scenario that happened last night. How could Sam’s friend have blacked out without wrecking the car and killing them all?

The light turned green as Scott put his foot on the gas. He was more annoyed now, he didn’t think we was getting the full story and wouldn’t get the full story from Sam’s friend. Sam’s friend was too worried she would get in trouble for underaged drinking… Scott knew that.

Just as Scott was about to arrive at the bar, there was a police road block. Scott stopped the car as a man wearing a long brown coat and those famous big cop sunglasses stepped up to his window. The man had slick back blond hair. He had his docker’s clutch around his shoulders and a .45 in the holster with two clips to spare.
“You hear about what’s going on son?” The man asked.
“No, but I think I might know.” Scott replied.
“I figured you would. Why don’t we take a little ride together?”
Scott shrugged and parked his car over. The man waved him over to his car as Scott crossed the street and entered the passenger side.
“I’m Detective Ames.” He said.
“You’re Scott Jameson. You live on 1408 Railroad street.”
“We know a lot more than that. Why don’t we have a little chat about your friend Sam? It seems she’s gone missing.”
Scott seemed a little afraid of the Detective, he felt something…that same feeling he felt inside Sam’s house. He nodded and Detective Ames backed out of his parking space and began to drive to place Sam’s friend’s car was.

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