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The Darkest Hour part one
OK here goes the first story i am going to write on the journals section. Just so you guys know i am not really into the whole romance writing or poetry. I am more of the action adventure type. Here it goes:

A group of Horsemen galloped into the forest looking for a place to rest for th night. After riding all day to find the port that will take them to Jerusalem, the men were exhausted due to the heavy armor they were dressed in. William awoke to the sound of the knight in the front of the group yelled" Alright this looks like a god spot to make camp."He turned his horse around motioning towards the little clearing near a river. William dismounted from his horse and removed his axe from his satchel. One of his fellow knights looking over at him said" What are you doing with that axe boy?" William looked over to the tree on the other side of the clearing." I know that the Duke will want a fire so i am going to get the wood"he said. The knight looked at him with his head tilted to the left. " The moon is high in the sky. The Duke will not ask you to make him a.." But before the knight can finish his sentence the Duke of Dover ordered "Will you and Rush go get wood so we can make a fire." William looked around to see who Rush was but no one stepped foward. The knight smiling now took off his helmet and took a step foward. " I am Rush, William."he said with a smirk on his face. As William looked up at him he noticed that Rush's black hair now shining white in the moonlight. He also noticed that Rush's left eye seemed to be injured in some way. William was not sure though, this is his first time serving with any of these men. Before the War with France started, William was a hunter in the town of Dover. He was drafted into the war by the Duke. Although William was mad about it, he would not let his country down. He has never been in combat or seen any either. To these knights he was just a boy who can shoot a bow and track an animal." William motioned toward the tree." Shall we get started"he said. Rush turned to William. " Aye that we shall. Doesnt look very hard."Rush said as he looked at the huge pine tree. " But errr... i have no axe"he said. William looked at him confused " You are a traveling knight with no axe sir?" William said. " I thought all of us had axes, don't we?" William now looking owards the rest of the knights removing the steel plate armor which now makes the look like candles burning in in the moonlight. " No lad. You are the only man here who brought an axe with you." Rush said with a smile. " The rest of us have swords to carry and several of them. There is not way we could have brought an axe with us." William looked at Rush's side where he kept his sword. Instead of just one sword though, Rush had a sword and a dagger on his right side. He also had a sword on his right side, Two daggers stuffed in the back side of his belt, and one spear on his back. " You can never be too careful in war boy." Rush said with a strange look at he ground. To William it looked like Rush was lost in his memories, Maybe it is the one that took his eye he thought.

Ok that is all for now. I am going to write the second part later on today. I have to eat and shower right now so yeah. Sorry if you were actually getting into it.

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