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The Darkest Hour Part One Continued
ok I am back. Here it goes:

Will looked over to his right and he saw a flash. Rush turned to look at what Will was staring at. "Whats wrong boy?"he asked looking concerned. Will shook his head "Nothing just day dreaming"he said quickly. "Aye don't do that to much boy."Rush said as he turned to walk toward his horse. Will looked at the spot that he saw he flash in the bushes across the river. What ever was there is gone now he thought. Just then the other side of the river lit up in flames and the flames were then launched into the air. "ARROWS!!!"screamed Will. "TAKE COVER" But it was too late, the arrows started hitting the ground a few seconds after he yelled for everyone to hide.

The Duke's horse was killed and it sent him falling face first onto the ground. Rush was not able to find cover took two arrows in his right leg just above the knee. There was another knight who ran into is tent to try to hide but the flaming arrows lit his tent on fire. The knight came running out of the tent on fire and screaming. He began to run toward the river but was intercepted by 3 arrows to the chest. The camp site was set ablaze as knights ran to find cover and grab their weapons. Will drew his sword after finding cover behind a tree. The survivors armed themselves and stood to meet their attackers. They heard in the distance something that sounded like thunder coming from all around them. The men uneasy of this sound began to look around nervously. "Form a circle" ordered the Duke as he span his sword above his head in a circle.

The men did as they were ordered and got close together shield to shield forming a circle. Will was right in the middle of it since he did not have a shield with all the wounded. They were handed a few bows with a quiver of arrows. Will was confused about why he was handed a bow with arrow. He was about to ask when the Duke said "You men that sound is not thunder its the sound of horses charging toward us. When they emerge from the forest kill as many of them as you can before they get to us." Will put an arrow in the notch of his bow and got ready. The men looked around them for the sight of any horsemen. Then they heard the twang of bow strings behind them. "ARROWS TO YOUR BACKS"yelled the Duke. The men with shields raise them above their heads and moved in close together. The arrows dug deep into the shields and the ground around them. When the arrows stopped falling the men opened back up into their circular formation. Will looked around to see if anyone else was killed or injured but the trick worked. "CALVARY TO OUR FRONT"yelled the Duke. "Archers fire at will!!" Will pulled back the string on his bow and aimed at one of the horseman's chest. He released the string launching and arrow right into the mans chest piercing his armor. Will pulled another arrow out of his quiver and notched it. His next target had cross on his flag. Will took aim and released the arrow. The arrow entered the horseman's back and knocked him off his horse.

The enemy calvary began to retreat do to the overwhelming accuracy of the arrow fire coming from the center of the circle. The survivors yelled "HOAH" as the horsemen ran. Next came more arrows from behind them, once again the men came together and the arrows again killed no man. This time though instead of horsemen coming from the forest infantry did. Will took aim and shot the closest foot soldier to their formation. It hit him just below the chin making him stop dead in his tracks and fall to the ground. Twenty more infantry men fell before they reached the survivors formation. Their swords and shield clashed as the tried to break the circle in two. The circle then became a line and began to surround the attackers. Will looked at this amazed watching the men surround the enemy and start to kill them off man by man. Will took aim and shot a infantry men about to kill a knight from his company. It entered the soldier right in the heart ending him fairly quickly. After that man was dead, three knight went to came to the injured knight and one grabbed him while the others covered him with their shields.

The enemy was wiped out in a matter of minutes.The survivors pulled back together and put the wounded in the middle with arrows and spears. After a couple of minutes there was not another sound from the forest other than the mens breathing and the occasional moan from a dying enemy. The Duke looked around after a couple minutes of silence. "They are either gone or dead."he said "The day is ours boys" The knights let out another "HOAH" and began to treat the wounded on both sides.

There you go this is the first part of the story. i will add the second part tomorrow

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