Heh... Twiddling my thumbs and returned to TekTek. Jesus, someone should put a padlock on that website. I go there too much. Especially when i'm bored. Well.. I was in a humourus mood today whilest i was visiting TekTek and i wanted something that involved the mUltipants, which i stumbled across in the martketplace.
Here ish what i came up with..
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Total Value: 96,245 Gold, 3,500 Tickets
[Item Information]

Item List:
Pinstripe Saloon Girl Stockings
... Mood Bubble
>_< Glasses
Soft Black Underwear
#0000FF Complex Shirt

What choo think?! I love it ;] It's a bit pricey because of the Cloud but i think if i manage to get my current Dream Avatar, then i can surely get this one afterwards.
Vist my profile for my current Dream Avatar heart