Phwoooar. Whata week. I got back home from Spain yesterday. Had an amazing time with Craig and Zoe. Went this this AMAZING waterpark called Aqualandia which is in Benidorm. And now i'm back home, in a cold country wanting to return back! I've got a lovely tan with bikini marks but i don't think that's going to last long. Not in England.
Yeah, it was fun and i enjoyed it a lot.

Now i've just got school to go back to. I start Year 10 next Wednesday. Can't wait stare . So many teachers have left my school, which means new ones which we haven't met before. God, i hope they're not stressy ones. I don't like stressy teachers. They just seem to spend most of their time yelling at the mis-behaving students and not actually teaching us, which is what happened to me in Spanish last year.
Oh well. s**t happens i guess. Still got a lot of shopping to do before i go back t oschool aswell. Crap stressed