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Welcome! x333
8/13/08 ~ The Flea Market
Dear Journal-chan,

ZOMG SHLEE-CHAN HAS NOT DONE HER SUMMER HOMEWORK YET o3o *flail* I have 2 weeks left to read a book that I don't have yet... lol I am just that skilled XD

I think I'm going to the library some time today o3o

Oh, and Shlee-chan owes L-chan like, 7 bucks XD yaayyy, no allowance for two weeks xd It's aaaalll cuz of the flea market that we went to on...Saturday....I think. o: In fact, Shlee-chan will tell you what we did there. (btw, is it flea market, or flee market? XD;; lulz)

L-chan woke Shlee-chan up at 9 am by calling her house XD L-chan picked up Shlee-chan and we went to the flea market all day 3nodding Shlee-chan bought a skunk webkinz and a green clover carebear (who knows what the name is? XD I should look it up, lolz) 4laugh Then, they walked around and around until they found the Japanese shop~ There, Shlee-chan bought yan-yan and Hello Panda cookies x3 L bought Yan-yan, too. Vanilla flavoorreedd eek *twitch* Oh yeah, the lady gave us pwnish clear bags, so L-chan (who had randomly decided to bring her death note to the flea market XD) put the death note in the bag o3o People were staring at it~ Prolly thinkin it's some kind of creepy witchcraft thing or somethin XD THEY'Z ALL DRAMA LLAMAS! Xo dramallama Anyways, some old lady people in pink shirts were singin on a stage in the middle of a food court thing. XD They were singing Splish Splash I was Taking a Bath, which sounds rather wrong if you listen to it closely ;D XDDD lolz~ Shlee-chan and L-chan took a break from wandering around and sat on a bench by the door and ate yan-yan....and then we moved to the middle of the floor and played Bumblebee rofl We got lots more stares from that XD After that, Shlee-chan decided she wanted a canopy o3o but it was ickeh pink xp So she didn't get it XD Also, L-chan couldn't get phone service anywhere except for in the stair well sweatdrop So we stopped at the top of the stairs after scaring a little kid (we passed a barrel of unicorn toy things XD so we were quoting Chaaarrliiiieee. And then Shlee-chan mentioned something that her friend Misa said that would be...not...good...to ever mention again XD;; lolz. Poor little kid. :3 *pets him* Oh also, we got a gatorade out of this pimped out machine o3o THEN we went to the stair well) and we tried to call Misa Misa 8D But her phone was off emo Actually, L-chan and Shlee-chan were supposed to meet Misa at the flea market o: But she couldn't go cuz she had babysitting and sewing lessons :c *pout* Anywho, we decided to call Dei instead to see if she secretly kidnapped Misa XD....but she didn't (by the way, there were purty butterflies and hummingbirds painted on the walls *.* Purtay~). Dei prolly [secretly XD] got annoyed with us for randomly calling her....twice XD And then we got more stares from random people cuz we were standing in the corner of a stair well calling people and acting stupid o3o YAAAYY~ Finally, Shlee-chan and L-chan went outside after buying a webkinz and we got some HAWAIIN ICE blaugh It was so yummeh~ ♥ But it looked like radioactive snot, according to L-chan o3o; Then we went to Dairy Queen, where L took a bite of toast and it looked like L's L! XD It was awesome, man~ AWESOME! Xo *flail* So awesome that Shlee-chan took a PICTURE of it! 8D But then Shlee-chan got sad D8 The lady behind the counter misheard Shlee-chan :c So shlee-chan didn't get a vanilla coke, she got a vanilla cone D8 *pout* By that time, the only things that Shlee-chan had eaten that day were yan-yan and ice cream XD Oh, and a fry dipped in gravy. Yummeeehh~ heart Then, we went to another flea market o3o Where I bought meh carebear. L-chan bought handcuffs and a carebear that she plans on turning into Gaara (cuz it's love a lot bear XD). It smells like strawberries and is reaallyy soft o3o Shlee-chan waaannttssss~ Shlee-chan also saw a giant emu ostritch thing that she wanted....but....yeah XD THERE WAS A ROLL OF LEATHER THERE ZOMG o3o I wanted it~ We need it for Advent Children cosplays, lolz XD AND HOLY SNAP THIS PARAGRAPH IS LONG eek After the 2nd flea market, L-chan kidnapped Shlee-chan and they went to L-chan's house XD We watched Picture This (well....most of it o3o Shlee-chan went home at 9:30 though). We also ate tacos and watched Jeff Dunham XD He's so foonay~ Shlee-chan took a picture of a cloud that looked like a pancake o3o It's purtay~ *huggles it*. L-chan and Shlee-chan sat outside on the swing set and made ringtones for like, a bunch of people on L-chan's phone XD It was fun. Then a storm started coming o3o So Shlee-chan had to go home. :c *sniffle*

Shlee-chan just got back from a 3-day camping trip, btw x.x I hate camping with a passion scream HAAATTEEEE IIITTT *flail* Oh well XD It's over now, thank GOD x3x *dies* I hate tents D8 The only fun part was swimming in some random lake and listening to raccoons raid our site at night XD lulz, yaaaaayyy~

I think Shlee-chan is done with her rant now o3o ...well...foooorrr now, that is XD Gewd bye. o-o And I can't believe you're still reading this.....STOP READING THIS Xo GO DO SOMETHING USEFUL WITH YOUR PRECIOUS TIME *throws joo out of teh journal page*

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