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Welcome! x333
10/17/08~ Catch-up
Dear Journal-chan,

wooaaahhh o3o I haven't written for a while D8 I sowwy, Journal-chan. *cuddlehs*

Over the past few months, Shlee-chan has been pretty busy. In September, Shlee-chan went to Homecoming with her luff whee Shlee-chan lufffsss hiiimmmm so much ;.; SOOO MUCHHH!!!! *squeezes teh David-kun* AH LUFF YOU 8D Anyways XD;; Homecoming was a blast. We ate helium and danced like idiots and experienced high school drama and drank punch and did the cha cha slide. Shlee-chan felt bad though ;~; Shlee-chan didn't slow dance wiff David-kun. gonk And I dunno if he really wanted to or what....but his sister came to me and she goes, "He wants to slow dance with you razz He just dunno how to say it." And Shlee-chan's like, "ZOMG but I can't dance! D: And David-kun said that toooo, but then he may have been lyiinngggg....and and and and I'M SAD! gonk gonk gonk *dies*

David-kun has a girlfriend now ;~; It broke my heart when he told me. I wish he didn't tell me x.x I'd be better off....ZOMG HE GAVE HIS HEART AWAAYYYY D'X *sobs* I are so lonesome ;~; I wish I lived by him, but I live 2 hours away from him o~o ...*dies* crying Bah, I'll get over it....in forty years >~>

I want cereal o3o

I'm listening to Ash Like Snow from Gundam XD

You know what's weird? o: I used to watch G Gundam, and I can't find any trace that it exists eek I KNOW I'M NOT CRAZY! o3o Cuz the guy had black hair and a red headband string thing and a red cape thing goin' on...and no, it's not Vincent Valentine. xd BUT I REMEMBER! And then there was this other anime I used to watch and it was these kids who got altered and wore like, red armor or somethin and they kinda looked like robots (and they may have been) and I have NOOOO idea what it's called o~o I wish I did Xp They were like, cyrborg peeps...It was a good show...I think >>; I also used to watch Zoids :3 I lurved that show. The raptor thing was the best zoid XD And BEYBLADES o3o I LURVED THAT SHOW! And...some other show o3o It had like, these little robots. One of them, I think, was named....nevermind, I dunno XD but it involved kids and they had these lil' robots. The main character had black hair and a red cap. I remember he used to remind me of Ash o.o (2/14/09 - I MEMBER THE NAME! o3o It was Megabots) Yu-Gi-Oh was another good show >3 The origional, not the spin-offs Xp I despise the spin-offs. Nothin good anymore since Yugi's not in it.

I dyed my hair blue razz and cut it short. I miss my old hair XD ...Sorta. I just miss the longness, lulz....and David-kun ;~; *sniffles and huggles self* I actually threw my mood ring somewhere (I dunno where XD) cuz it kept tellin me I was in luff stressed AH KNOOOWWW I'M IN LUFF! Xo GAWSH, MOOD RING! GO HOME! >8(

I had a dream last night that involved Hunter-kun o.o ....I dun remember what it was.

Once I had a dream I went camping with David-kun o.o we wore suits made out of that stuff that they make book sox out of. XD And mine was pink 83 Cuz pink is kewl. But I was like, anorexically skinny o~o No curves for the Shlee-chan XDDD It was just...weird. And I thought I'd drown in the river but I just fell into it o~o ...not kewl, man cool XD;;

My personality lately: EMO emo AND DEPRESSED crying . Stupid David-kun....*sobs*

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Fuhrer Edward Elric
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun Oct 19, 2008 @ 03:39pm
okay i think ur thinking of the show digimon, cause it was sorta like pokemon.

and WHY DIDN'T U MENTION OUR HOMECOMING!!! L-chan was ur date there lol

and i think the show is called GUndam Seed, because theres one by that name on Narutengdub.co.nr

"bang bang bang BANGBANGBANG, if i were kira, you would be dead right now"

i am L, sasuke, yuna, Kyo, Kadaj, and whoever else my group says i should be lol.

i am ground until i am 2034 years old lol, just ask Neji-chan
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