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This is my journal/diary/whatever-you-wanna-call-this-thing. It's for anyone to read because I don't care all that much. It contains a lot of random things and drawings.
My Creation Myth
I know this story will probably sound really stupid but I was supposed to write 5 paragraphs about a creation myth that we made up. It's for my English Honors 3 class.

Before there was anything, there was nothing.
There were no stars, no sun, nor was there a moon.
No Earth, water, trees, animals, life, or death; only sheer nothingness.
Suddenly, a beautiful girl appeared from this nothingness; dressed in a beautiful, pure white gown.
She danced around as if on clouds, spinning and swirling around to the unheard music playing.

Wherever her feet moved, brilliant, sparkling stars appeared.
As she danced in circles, a small brownish ball began to form in the middle.
The longer she danced around it, the bigger and bigger it became until it reached the size of a planet, wholly made of soil and dirt.
The girl grew tired and looked at the twinkling stars and the newly formed planet.
“There needs to be more light and more life,” she pondered to herself.
Right then, a large black dragon came out of nowhere, his eyes fiery and hateful towards the beauty that had been made.

The dragon chased the girl around the planet and the stars.
Since he couldn’t seem to catch the girl he decided to take another course of action.
The dragon took a deep intake of breath, creating a large ball of fire swirling deep in his throat.
In an instant, the fireball went hurdling towards the frightened girl.
She moved from the path that the blazing sphere flew, only her arm catching a burn from the tail of it.
After some time, the ball of fire had stopped flying and stood in one place, becoming the sun for the unfinished planet.

The young girl cried from the pain on her arm, the tears falling onto the planet of soil and dirt, becoming rivers, lakes, and oceans.
The water flowed through the cracks and the trenches and the deep pits, filling them up to the top to that they shaped the great land masses on the surface.
When the girl realized that what her tears were doing, she knew that she could now bring life into everything.
She planted seeds and molded clay and rock and dirt into figures and different shapes to make the people and the animals.
As each figure came to life, the plants and trees grew up strong from the seeds that she had planted.

The dragon was furious with the girl and her newfound life.
He sought to destroy everything, and in his fury, he made up an even bigger fireball in his throat.
The fireball, though, became too large for even him and it started to burn him from the inside.
The black dragon turned to stone from all the heat as if he was made out of clay himself and exploded into millions of thousands of pieces, his black heart becoming the moon that orbits around the Earth; the rest of him becoming the shooting stars that we see in the night sky, blazing through the Earth’s atmosphere.
From then on, the girl has watched over the Earth and stars that she had created, she herself becoming a part of them as the constellation Virgo.

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Community Member

Sun Aug 24, 2008 @ 06:26pm

this was prity cool 3nodding heart

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