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Introducing Mr. B's Birth controll!!!!!
Hmmm... it is late...ish... and paige (that is me) still has homework to do (lots)
so... this shall be a vair vair breif introduction
howz it be going?
i am not from the block
im sure my gangsta talk fooled all of you...
so sorry for the confusion
besides mr. brady's sudden shouting, "Daddy's on Allergy Medicine"
the most alarming thing came out of mr. b's mouth today
(well it would be alarming for any normal teacher to say)
he decided that the color guard will be having
death drill
where they throw their flags
and exchange them (hopefully no poor band students-such as me- are under them)
and he says
with his mr. b smile
if any of you mess up
i shall take your first born...
i did a double take at first...
was like...
and then imagined mr. b as a small little man eating shelby's first baby
was that mean?
(i've noticed this is not as short as first planned....)
lee says, being his tre amusing self,
something about mr. b birth control...
its quite ingenius, really
he made violent stabbing motions after that...
but i can see mr. b eating a baby more then i can see him mauling it with a dagger
i dont know how to feel about this...
i doubt anyone is reading this
so it matters not...
but no one would happen to know biology would they?
paige believes she might just fail it...
sigh... sweatdrop

User Comments: [3]
Community Member

Sat Aug 30, 2008 @ 04:48pm

now dont you lead an interesting life...

Fangs Stalker
Community Member

Mon Sep 01, 2008 @ 01:40am

aww panda bear >_< ive read this haha and i dont know biology but ill help u whenever u want ^_^ together we'll make sure u dont fail!!

Community Member

Mon Dec 29, 2008 @ 04:06am

i remeber that day
seeing mr.b in a new light
silently thankful that i was not in colour guard

User Comments: [3]
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