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i just write what i want to write... lawl..
My Christmas Presents:
heart Aquatica and Celestial wrap from CrystaleMum (and she gave me pink magical box+5k as a birthday present!)
heart Trick and Treat Tote 2nd gen from x - Clarity - X
heart Holy Gauntlets from Naomi Minami
heart War of the Warlords from Winter Flight
heart Mythic hair (in a giftbox) from le Corbeau des Enigmes
heart Fortune Egg (lv.1) and stone gauntlet from Rave Lament
heart Fausto bottle 9th gen+angelic mood buble+Barph from Smackin_elayne
heart User Image ANGELIC HEADBAND (in a giftbox) from Asterae!!!!!!!!!!
heart User Image Celeb date and User Image Autumn Glory and User Image Luck O Gairish from Curelara!
heart User Image Autumn Glory from hippy_man
heart User Image Radiant prism from i - D 0 R K i i E x
heart Dreamer dust from Snazzy_Sox
heart (?) in a giftbox from pepsihun
heart Copper Twopence from XxAsuka_SamaxX
heart Holy s#it from zachlovesbrendaa
heart User Image Mythrill Halo from Iam Loveless!!!!!!!
heart Lusty scrouondel, 1k, bullet belts, bouncy antennae, buck teeth, aquarium BG from [~Black~Rose~]
heart 20k PURE!! from PLuR M0NsTer RaWR!!!!!!
heart 20k PURE!! from Hideaki Motosuwa!!!!!!
heart Elemental Wings by Snazzy_Sox!!!!!
User Image Pixie from Himiwari-Chan!!!
heart bluegreencat - Lunar schtye+lei!!!
11K!!! from fAi TeH dEaD AnGeL!!!
heart Elegant wig (cream) from PsychoMachine!!
heart Four Horsemen from xXMiZz-KoNfUzZleDXx!!
heart 4k from hieballa!!
heart Pearl and Citrine Necklace from ViQlet!!
heart Go Player from Z E B R A S_R A W K!!
heart User Image Aquatica from Poisonbykoolaid
heart Enchanted Strings from -iLoveYouMuchie-!!
heart four horsemen+500g+green coralus egg from kittypop6598!!
heart sakura fluff plushie, heart of gold, mimzy from teh aDORKables!!
heart 15k PURE!! from jackiisthebest!!!!
heart Nitemare Collar AND Changelling baby girl from Hypotermia!!
heart rock hard+gold+witch dress and Go Phones from i eated ur bunneh!!
heart Water Trident from XxiloverockxX
heart a black web strap shoes frok sour_kitty
heart JINXI CHARM from Trania and Fallen P O R N O (James and Scott)!!!
heart december 2008 letter (RANDOMLY smile heart: from CG Yurrie!!!!
heart G-LOL gown+3k from c r a y o n i s m!!!
heart blood bat choker+WTF Hat from _iPainx!!!!
heart Gwee from Lisonallie!!
heart dandii spore from Kristina_Hu!!
heart Lunar Cloak from arixfacee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KARILAYNE!!!!! TOO MANY THIGNS!!! dreamer dust, damascus armor+jacked up cape!!, yokai treasure!, more than 60k gold!!!!!!!!!!! gonk
heart PANDA SLIPPERS!!! from Lisonallie!!!!!!

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Perdus Cette Nuit
Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Jan 05, 2009 @ 01:01am
O . O that's a ton of gifts!
xd You're a lucky person.

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