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i just write what i want to write... lawl..
Now you see I am wearing dark halo, Hermes Moon 2nd gen ,gimpi , angelic headband and demonic pitchfork; BUT they will be gone at December 25 and i will become naked xp I DON'T LIKE BEING NAKED!!!! scream . now u see, now u dont, now u see, now u don't rofl

Her reaction: Sis i was going to get you the same thing =P
[WHOATT???!? eek dang!! I ruined her gift! gonk ]

Her reaction: Squee!! [ lol ]

His Reaction: XD TYTYTYTYTY tytytytyty

Her Reaction: OMG! TYSM!

Her Reaction: We regret to inform you that your sister, Iam Loveless, has died of a heart attack [NUOOO!!!! gonk lol ]

Her reaction: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies of heart attack* and she said happy birthday to me! blaugh

Hoooh..... *blank* I WAS having those items... oh well xp


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Why Malus?
Coz i love her &3 mrgreen . She is my gaian sister wink .
i knew her since a few months ago from austin's DTTPAY. she is a really good donator! she always donate good to me and she is a good friend too =).
She was hacked i think a few weeks ago =(.
and guess what, SHE NEVER SAID "i am hacked, plz donate me or something like that". SHE REGAIN HER WEALTH ALL BY HERSELF WITHOUT NOBODY HELPING HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND, NO ONE REMEMBER HER BIRTHDAY EVEN THOUGH SHE HAS BEEN A GOOD DONATOR. including me crying . sorry malus... crying .
When I gave her the pitchfork, she said "I was going to give you the same thing sis" eek

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Why Lisonallie?
She is a good donator and a kind person ^^. i am not lying, she is a generous person 3nodding . she wanted to give me panda slippers for x-mas before i said i will give her something for christmas!!! eek
So i decided to give her angelic headband and let it snow xp

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Why Traenia?
hohoho~~ Mr. Rainbow!~~ XD~~
I know him at austin's DTTPAY too biggrin [i guess i have to thank austin for creating such a great thread rolleyes ]. He was wearing colorful items that made me call him Mr. Rainbow XD~
He is a really kind person and also a really good donator 3nodding . He was gone at DTTPAY once but he went back to DTTPAY again 3nodding . Unfortunatelly, he waas hacked once.... he lost all of his stuff (I really remember that, some people just gave him christmas presents....=(.. ) and he was REALLY DOWN at that time. Traenia DID NOT ask for some donation because he was hacked or make a sob story with purpose. And, everybody helped him coz they are all like him =). Happy ending isn't it? XD~
Traenia is my first man in my gaia family lol . He is my gaian brother cool . Now, he and smackin_elayne made a thread named Rainbow DTTPAY and both of them ask me to become a co-owner xd heart . For my christmas gift, he gave me JINXI CHARM!! eek

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Why smackin_elayne?
i know her for loooooooooooooong time ago~~ WHEN I WAS A NOOB!!!! blaugh
Who don't know elayne? no one huh? she's a reeeeeaaaalllllyyyy super duper good donator!! eek and my gaian mum! blaugh . she ALWAYS donate good to me!!!!! her list is too long... lol . she is a really good donator and friend =). I like to talk with her coz she's so friendly heart .
a couple weeks ago, she asked me what i want for my birthday. i said i really hoards CN scarf since i played gaia for the first time. A few days later, SYLAA gave me CN scarf. Ima so happy and I told her. she said, well, she needs a backup plan coz SHE WAS GOING TO GIVE ME CN SCARF FOR MY BIRTHDAY eek eek . Oh, and i met her at austin's DTTPAY too!! Since i was a noob!! I remember her first donation to me is prom monarch crown!!! I was really happy at that time coz, u know, ima still a noob. 500g is a big amount of money for me and she gave me prom monarch crown!! lol . she is my first big item donator =).
but for 10k++, xXiloverockXx is the first one xd .

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Why Iam Loveless?
I met her (also) in austin's DTTPAY sweatdrop . she is my friend from long time ago! then suddenly, she's gone! crying . but later, she comes back to thread again blaugh .
now, she is in rainbow DTTPAY and start to donate me crazily eek .
she gave me mythrill halo, pixie, a top worth for 20k, etc2~ and always donate good to meh!! eek
she is a kind and sweet girl <3

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Takashi Samura
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun Jan 11, 2009 @ 03:12am
you are lucky gurl! i have one rich friend helped me once left gaia for life crying !

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I adopted a wolf!
Age: 2 yrs
Likes:Meh and meh peeps
Dislikes:ppl i hate
Owner:Takashi Samura
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I had a Demon Baby!
Mom2: Me
mom3: Tocixtouch
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