Okay well hello again biggrin
Long time since Ive writen anything so u lets talk about christmas blaugh
yes it has passed but i want to say wat I got(no im not spoild stare )
I got a purple (my fave color heart ) IPOD,a watch,lots of jeans,shirts,money,my god mother gave mii money and socks<--- confused ,a sweater,and let me think earings and a card.Oh and a candy cane.Not much but crying still I got an awsome IPOD 3nodding .With the money I got I bought a cover 4 mii IPOD cause im realy good at droping things.The cover is green its an okay color.
I cant wait till new years.Im going to have lots of fun on the 31 4laugh
Plz sick minded people im not doing any thing weird ony going to a part until 12.Its a tradition. stare