Ok so like im at home and mii cuzens areover.Im realy bored so like I got on the computer.So lets c what have I done these days.Um well on friday I went to the movies.There were 18 people all together walkin around the movies.Then yesterday on saturday we went to them movies.But like only mii and mii parents wit mii little bro.And 2day I was stuk at home with mii family.I wanted to go to the fair so badly but they came over so I was stuck stayin at home.And sadly 2day was the last day they were gunna b here.Oh so right now im eatin takis asI listen 2 music and hear mii mom and aunt talk 2 each oha.Im dressed so cute right now.A cute wite shirt with realy short shorts.Mii convers (the brown 1s).Mii shirt is wite and it come up 2 my waist.Its fluffy from the top.It has printed on flowers on the bottom edges.Oh and the shirt is a little c through so it shows mii wite bra.But yah I look cute.IM still bored.Im on quizilla and im takin ths quiz that tells you wat animal you are.Ill write bak wen I get the answer.