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These walls I've built to keep everyone out...
All I've done is lock myself in.
This is Me
A confusing guide to understanding me better.
Not a lot of you know me how my close friends do... and if you think you're one of them... read this and see how wrong you are.

Listen, Listen

I am most often called 'princess' by my friends... why? I dont know. Ask them yourself. They scare me (xD jkjk).
When they call me by a certain title that tails after the 'princess' part, it usually means that my personality has changed to whatever that title is.

Princess of Oblivion this title usually indicates that I'm being hard to cooperate with and that i make you forget or drop whatever subject we're talking about.

Princess of Hearts this title means I'm happy, the atmosphere around me is shining brightly and amazingly. I walk into a dull room and its immediately brought to life. I become the source of happiness. The symbol of friendship, life, love and, I think, compassion. A downside to this is that i become worn out and tired the next day... sweatdrop emo

Princess of Chaos Ahh this one. One of those that, nowadays, rarely come up. But when it does... well... take a guess. I become more that just a princess of chaos... others have said that i become a goddess of destruction. Those that were in my field of vision walked away with more than just broken bones.

I wont list any more than this because... well... I'm sleepy.
But anyways!! Other than these titles my friends give me, everyone usually calls me Princess.

The reason why i wrote this is simple... I've never noticed it until now XD
Sazuharu only pointed it out to me just a few minutes ago.

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Kankei Akujin
Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Jan 12, 2009 @ 02:54pm
Yessssssssssss!! I'm one of them xd

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