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BloodKatana's Twisted Thoughts
Thoughts that appear in my mind, nagging me to write them down. It could be about my crush, friends, even myself, but all I can do is grab a pen and scribble it down.
The Worst Kiss Ever
A kiss, a simple brush of his lips against mine, an expression of the feelings we share with one another, almost as old as time itself. The fluttering of my heart as the one I love slowly moves forward to initiate a small fire that quickly races through my veins at such a ghost of a touch. His eyes screaming out the passionate love that dwells inside his heart as he whispers those three forbidden words…‘I love you.’ Air seeming to freeze in my lungs as a tidal wave of emotion crashes over me; Shock, excitement, and something resembling love swirls around in my head causing me to feel dizzy. Grasping on to my courage I shakily reply those same three words, words which have brought so many great men to their knees. The chaste kiss he lays upon my lips makes everything seem just like a dream and that at any moment I could wake up and…Great I just had to think that and awake myself from the perfect Romeo and Juliet moment that I’ve always wished would happen to me.

That surreal moment every corny chick flick places somewhere in their plot line that all young women wish could happen to them, even me, but it’s not like I’m sitting in my room with a huge goofy smile on my face as I bite my lip and image that perfect first kiss. Trust me my first kiss was far from one of those over acted perfect moments, instead it was one of the cute scenes you see when a little kindergarten girl with pigtails runs up to a boy, pecks them on the lips and runs away just as quickly as she came. This is the closest I have ever been to the ‘perfect’ movie moment kiss, but unfortunately an almost perfect kisses can be instantly made yesterdays news by the most putrid, tortuous kiss and when I say that I mean licking the floor of a men’s bathroom that hasn’t been cleaned in a year would be better than that kiss. The memory of that day is as fresh as a tomato picked right of the plate.

I remember sitting there quietly on a day bed in a small room, the walls a pure white and the carpet a slightly tannish color, staring blindly at the television that was housed in an entertainment center, which was also homed to two video game systems. The only sound in the room was the voices of the people in the movie echoing out of the speakers. A boy a few months younger than myself was sitting next to me, still as a statue and deeply enthralled into the movie or so I thought. After a few moments of remaining glued in the same position I declared the annoying voices of the actors unbearable. Turning my head his was to say something, I was met with a solid pair lips on mine instead of the statue that was there not long ago.

It was that instant when I mentally shut down for those five minutes which seem to drag on for years. My lips had a mind of their own as they kissed back, encouraging the kiss to continue, but my mind screamed at them to stop. His lips pushing against mine screamed dominance, but nothing else. Then his tongue came to join his lips when it sloppily brushed against my bottom lip asking for entrance, which happily my lips obeyed my mind and remained tightly closed, while I cringed on the inside. Finally he pulled away from my lips, returning to an edited version of his previous position of him staring at me instead of the TV. A scream of frustration was violently fighting its way to release from my throat as I realized what just transpired between us.

I just wanted to harshly grab fist of my hair, rest my head on my knees and let out that scream as well as harshly wipe off the slobber he left on my lips that made me feel like I was liked by a dog. To make matters even more difficult a ton of bricks had to collapse onto me when I also took note that it was my best friend, who I felt complete platonic towards, that just flushed our three years of friendship right down the toilet.

It was at this point I was praying to whoever was listening for the floor to open up right under my feet and sallow me whole. Apparently someone was listening for once when the awkward tension and doom that was suffocating me was cut by, I hate everything about…

“Hey mom,” I said as I answered my black razor, only to hear the six words I’ve never been so grateful to hear for once, ‘I’m here to pick you up.’

Quickly replying that I would be right out I hung up my phone before hastily shoving it in my pocket. I glanced over to my then best friend, who I would later call, ‘the jerk who shall not be named,’ muttered a good-bye and rushed out of his house, not looking back in case my soul would be taken to be tortured in Tartarus for all eternity like in a Greek myth. Let’s just say that once I was in the safety of my mother’s silver Toyota Corolla I felt a huge weight lifting off my shoulders even knowing that because of the worst kiss of my life I had just lost a friend who was not a prince charming, but a toad instead, leaving me to hopefully find that perfect kiss with a cheesy, happy ending.

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    Check it...it fits with your essay... heart

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