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"Catch me, im falling."
Tell me wat u think
"Well do you at least still care? At all?"She spoke in a low, quiet voice as she stared at the grey pavment of the sidewalk.
"Not at all."He said as he stared at the stars, not wanting to meet her hurt gaze.
"Why then did you say you love me? If you never care?" She asked as she looked up at him.
"I-I dont know."He said as he looked at her, his eyes emotionless.
"Then its over? All those nights that we spent on the phone. All those nights that i cried over you, all those times i said "I love you". It was all for nothing?" She asked with a pleading voice.
"I guess so." He said with the smae even tone that he had in the begining.
"Then why?" She asked as she walked up to him.
"Why what?"
"Why did you ask me if i loved you? Why did you ask me out?"
"I was confused."
"Hmmm, well i guess i was blind when i said yes huh?" She snapped as she turned around and started to walk away back down the dark street.
"Dont say that. You know why you said yes. Cause' you loved me."
"Ya hint the word loved. And the fact that you say all this crap about me, its like you've never looked in the mirror." She spoke the looked down and wrapped her arms around herself. "I just thought i had finally found someone who i could truely love. And it hurts so much." Her voice crack at the end as one tear ran down her cheek.
"Wait. Dont cry-"He reached out one hand towards her.
She back away and turned around.
"Well its kinda too late for that huh? The worst thing you could possibly do to a girl is make her fall for you, without any intention of catching her." She called over her shoulder as she walked into the darkness

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Th3 W1tch D0ct0r
Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Feb 25, 2009 @ 11:25pm
y i'm i always the first comment and i love it maybe... BECAUSE I CANT READ........ NO MORE AND IT IS HARD TO TYPE.. WELL I KNOW ALL OF THEM BUT I SPELL THINGS WRONG.

<span class="text">
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commentCommented on: Mon Apr 06, 2009 @ 07:58am
this is about us right?...im sorry that i hurt u...i was a dumbass...especially for letting you go. im so glad u gave me another chance. i love you and ur my world.

X The Hated One
Community Member
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