Name: Cain nolness
Nick Name: cainy
Other name: Lord Cain
LV: 50
Gender: male
Race: Half-demon/half-human
Affiliation: shinra/chaos realm
Shinra Rank: Turk
Classified Rank: Demon lord
Classified Rank#2: none
1st Alignment: evil
2nd Alignment: Dark trinity mode
Tournament LV: 4



usually loyal to the ones he trusts most, however if there is any weak minded person out there in this world, he wont hesitate to stab them in the back. is he doesn't get his way he may and can lose his temper.

Move set:
-Fire Magic

-Blizzard Magic

-Thunder Magic

-Cure Magic

-Gravity Magic

-Aero Magic

-Stop Magic


-Summon materia: Emerald blade
-Summon Materia: Ifrit
-Fire Materia LV5
-Ice Materia LV5
-Earth Materia LV5
-Wind Materia LV5
-Sand Materia LV10
-Gravity Materia LV4
-Stop Materia LV3
-Suction Materia LV10 (Sucks the opponent in the water, ground,)
-Seal Materia
-Unseal Materia
-Clone Materia LV9
-Cure Materia LV5

Item Inventory: (Do not use Item nor get items unless bought or givin)
Potion x5
mega potion x5
berserker liquid x3
elixer x5
phoenix down x5
energy pill x3
food pill x3
recovery pill x4


Materia Bangle: (Do not use nor get Materia unless bought or givin)
(SLOT cool
(Go to Market To see start out Materia please)

Fighting Style: Kick Boxing, Tae Kwon Do
-Triad Prison (Seals the opponent up in a triangular prison, they cannot get out unless it is hit from the outside of this
-Air Dodge
-Air Strike
-Sword Slashes
-Multi Combo
-Combo Breaker
-Gun Shot (All bullets)
-high kick
-gut killer

1st Weapon:
User Image
The cerberus...

weapon effects:
- Can shoot bullet seeds for a short time
- Calls on the power of darkness to aid him

Weapon Weakness:
- If attack is countered, i am completely opened for attacks

Weaponary Special:
-you get one-
-seek approval-

2nd weapon:User Image
The lure breaker...

Weapon Effects:
- can enter half demon mode

Weapon Weakness:
- If light strikes me when in demon-mode..

Weaponary Special
-you get one, make it good-
-seek approval first-

Characters Weakness:Close combat

Critical Hits:
Gun Blade Critical

-Cross Slash

-these are your strongest physical moves basically-


Picture -
User Image

Half-demon mode -
User Image

Your Rp Story -
I live in the world where chaos happens... 24/7. I'm going to tell you about the story on the day this chaos happened, which was ten years ago when I was five. One day I was playing with my mom in England along with my dad. My mother was very good at football, even better than my dad. But as we were playing there was a sound, so loud we had to cover our ears. Everyone else did the same. When we managed to see properly we saw a meteor. It looked bigger than anything anyone ever saw. It crash landed right in the park. Many people were injured, but my parents mysteriously disappeared. I searched and searched through all the debris the meteor caused, panicking, thinking they died. But I soon gave up.

But I remembered that mother and father said if anything were to make us part ways use the key around your neck to unlock the chest down in the basement in our home. So I ran there without stopping, never looking back. I soon got there, I went down to the basement, And saw the chest. It was still there just like it always was. And so I opened the chest with complete anxiety. When I saw what the chest was I was surprised to see two blades, one light... one dark. On both hilts there was a note. I took the one from the light blade. It said "Cain my beloved son. If you are reading this note you are probably surprised to see two blades lying in the chest. Well we suspected something like this would happen so we both wrote two notes separately. Anyway Cain if you saw that meteor just now inside it are... demon-like monsters. If they ever break out of there shell, all hell will break loose. You must find away to destroy it before anything else happens. I love in you Cain. Use my blade to light the way in your destiny. sincerely, your mother"

And that was the end of the note. Crying slightly I instantly wiped them away and got on to read the other note on the dark blade. "hey Cain! How's it goin'? Well you are kinda wonderin' why I gave you this blade huh? Well if you saw that meteor your mother explained that i bet. Well I'm giving you my blade because I believe it is now your turn to carry on the heir of the family. If you are covered in darkness focus on the dark blade. Think about darkness and only darkness. The darkness will then be absorbed into the blade, giving you energy to kick those monsters asses! Well this is all I can say...for now. Sincerely, your father.

And with that I headed out to see what would happen next. And this... is how this completely new life came to me. I'm the heir of light and darkness....(forget the light part, i dont have enough time to delete the light part lol)