My Naruto RP event

Username: Cain the keyblade holder
RP: Koby Uchiha
Village: Konoha
Rank: Genin
(This is just based on my event, it has nothing to do with
what's currently happening at NUR)

Yamano(Imagine them in 5 colors)

So far, The five shinobi countries are at peace.
It's been at least a few years since any war,
enemy or disaster has happened. But..
Lately there have been occasional reports of
some human - Destroying Huge pieces of lands
with one jutsu.

This has worried all the kages. So they have
sent search teams to find this mysterious beings.
But 2 days later, the search team never returned.
The kages became more worried. So rumors
have it that one of the kage, or hokage is willing
to check it out. And bring the beast, or beast(s)
back alive or dead.

One sanin from a village has confirmed what it was.
It was called a Yamano. Legend has it
that Yamano's were legendary creatures, like
the tailed-demons. That had almost as much power
as a bijuu. They thought it was extinct.
Apparently not. There were 5 yamano's. Each
one had a different body color which marked
what element they were. Hundreds of years ago,
They always wreaked havoc killing any thing in its path,
And so each and every shinobi in every village finally managed
to trap the 5 beings in a seal, but the seal had to have a sacrafice.

Red, fire. Blue, water. Yellow, lightning.
Black, rock. White, wind. These were
the colors of the legendary beasts.
They have come back, but have taken
over shinobi bodies as there vessels.
Kages have also reported that each
yamano have come back, one in each
village to take over a body.

Which meant one yamano in every village.
Total chaos.

Who will stop them?...

(And this is just the beginning, i have oh so much more to add =D)