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Into My Watery Poetically Artistic Mind
Sometimes I just don't think and therefore my mind becomes clear or cloudy. If I'm in the mood for writing about something deeply affecting me in life it'll be in a form of a poem. Artistic...hmmmm I'm not really sure...
Everyone Has Two Sides
Everyone Has Two Sides

Everyone has two sides, no matter what kind of person they are.
I have two, I must admit, and they are the ones that make my life possible.
The times in my life are made by their decisions,
But death is the one thing I can control

I don’t always tell the truth, but I know this is.
All of you know me by one way or another, but mostly quiet and shy.
That’s because that is Number One.
The lonely figure of me…

Number One masks for school,
For which I think isn’t cool.
Number One acts different,
He’s more mature than me.

He always prefers to be alone, yet he wants people around him.
He’s weird isn’t he?
The type of person, who speaks when spoken to,
But speaking to certain type of people makes him cry.

Number One has so many things to do, always busy.
Although in busy times he thinks of the past and the future,
But never the present…
He is a bit in slow in time and trends.

Being the last one alone hurts him.
Those kinds of events make him push too hard.
He never seems to gain enough confidence to get back up and try again.
This is because he gets discouraged many times…

Although there are times that give him joy and happiness.
He sinks back down to despair in a few minutes.
Why? You ask? Maybe because he has nothing in life to keep his spirits up.
I don’t really know the answer myself…

A lot of you had never known Number Two.
The home type person.
The one who hides from the rest of the world.
The original figure of me…

He’s a child at heart.
The playful kind…
The kind who likes to do things around the house.
He’s also the “inside“ type of person

Number Two likes to get his mind off things.
Like getting distracted so many times,
But gets his priorities done before play.
Then after that he’s free to roam to do what he wants to do.

Number Two also thinks himself as a slave.
Being bound to be dragged everywhere he is taken...
How his brother wishes to dance upon his grave,
And can’t do anything else but share the same feeling.

At night he can only enjoy things to the fullest,
Because of the business of daylight.
The only time of fun only lasts one to three hours.
Being stolen by the endeavors of the day.

The house is the only place where he can feel normal.
Outside he feels alienated.
He desperately wants to be in the crowd,
To be able to fit in with others, but

He finally realized that “normalcy” is the only thing you feel in your mind,
And not what’s on the outside appearance of others.
There is no such thing called normal people.
We are all different in many ways.

Like Number One, Number Two is quiet and shy,
But only less.
So now there is no way to eliminate all the stress,
Weighing down on my shoulders.

These two parts of my mind control who I am and what I do.
But only one of them is common in others,
That is number one.
The type of person who doesn’t act the way they do in school than at home

Everyone has two sides, so do I.
And yet, I feel as if none of us can express the real life behind these fake masks,
But at some point, we all will.
Everyone has two sides, and…so…do…I…

~Created : Unknown
~Modified : March 17, 2008
~Author : Reynaldo (Me)



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