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Into My Watery Poetically Artistic Mind
Sometimes I just don't think and therefore my mind becomes clear or cloudy. If I'm in the mood for writing about something deeply affecting me in life it'll be in a form of a poem. Artistic...hmmmm I'm not really sure...
May 29, 2009 Lianne's Pre-B-Day
Okay thank you Alannah for reminding me!

Okay, so my friend Scottie and I wanted to throw, another friend, Lianne, a pre-B-day celebration. We planned to give her a huge bucket of red vines (cuz she LOVES red vines), but we couldn't find any stores that had 'em. Nearing the day, we decided with a card and a cake. I was responsible with making the card, and he got the cake to make. The card overall was simple but the inside and one particular signature, made her day, the cake was awesome as well.

Lianne's Card went like this from my memory :

L ovely and ludicrous,
I ntelligent and spacey,
A little more than hilarious
N aughty and crazy.
N ow another teenage year,
E nters in it's prime
--------- Look upon this new frontier and cherish it near
C. elebrate today, because
--------- Now is the time, to
P ick the peach, ripe in sight,
O ff the tree and nourish its might
S weet and beautiful, this feeling is right.
A t this time, change is bound to be seen, and
D on't forget, happy birthday
A nd welcome to your,
S weet Sixteen.

Haha yeah it went like that It took me a while to write it but hey it paid off biggrin

Then about that signature, Aside from getting mainly everyone we knew to sign it, I wanted to get her crush to sign it. Now she has issues even approaching him. She says that she's afraid she'll get nervous and do something embarrassing.


We had an assembly that day, The Battle of the Sexes, so guys and girls sat opposite each other on each sides of the gym. ( I unfortunately sat where these annoying guys wouldn't ,excuse me, SHUT THE ******** UP!!!.) Okay so in all that racket, I noticed Lianne's "future husband" ,Gabirel, a few rows behind me. I planned him to get him to sign it while we were dismissed to Brunch, but I lost him in the crowd.

I thought failed....but then after awhile, our previous teacher, Mr. Cross, (We had him as our art teacher last year, and is now our adviser for Art Club.) called her in. So then I took the time to you know, get Gabirel to sign her b-day card...and when I got back, she was practically spazz-ing with happiness, she even screamed O_O

Approaching Gabirel

I never actually approached him myself. I always stood in the background whenever Scottie and Lianne tried to talk to him. So it was only me. It was a short simple conversation. The only thing that I was afraid of was the actual approaching him..because his friends we're looking at me kinda weird, and well considering me I didn't really look at them directly. Lianne really loves him, alot. and I understand why its hard to talk to him again. They used to be together, as hang-out friends. That was last year, but this year they kinda split. She knows who he is and that fact makes it hard for her to ask him out. I really had no problem approaching him because I don't know him, so between us, It was just a first-time meeting. Lianne is running out of time, he's a senior and she lose seeing him in school. I wish I could help her but I'm terrible with words...or conversation for the matter. (Wait a minute...I DIDN'T EVEN INTRODUCE MEYSELF!!!!! Oh CRAP!!! *slaps self repeatedly*)

I think he and Lianne are the perfect couple haha.

So...am I a good friend for getting her that special gift of penmanship?



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Community Member

Sun May 31, 2009 @ 08:11pm

Okay, continue now. Now is later. blaugh

Community Member

Mon Jun 01, 2009 @ 05:29am

Awwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! You're an awsome friend!

User Comments: [2]
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