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Sparks of wisdom...
These are things i have pondered and questions i have answered and i am realy proud of myself for thinking of...
If you dont like it then go die... not realy... iloveyou.

Disturbing things are red
Enlightening things are blue

Scary dream:

This little kid was running around with a knive and the mom didnt care the little brother came in and started beating the crap outa the kid with the knive i ran to the dad but the dad wouldnt respond to me so i ran back but the one who had been getting beaten was running around with the knife again so i went down stars and saw the bully running up the stairs with somthing that looked like a large silver boat then i followed him and the little one stabed the bully and drug him in the hall i tryed to get the moms atention but she fell over and died and then i turned to the hallway and there was half of a figure that looked like pants made of shadows, i looked at it and screamed and insted of running like it would expect i ran toward it and tryed to tackle it and then i started falling into it and sinking into the floor and i opened my eyes as the floor faded and it was my bed.... that was ******** SCAREY!

Theorys on art:
As told in a romantic Rp setting...

"Museums, art, ha! Their nothing compaired to the REAL beauty of venice." i started getting louder and more pationate" I looked you in the eyes, the real beauty is in the broken down theaters where the homeless have set up whole comunitys, the real beauty is the guardens hidden deep in the mantions, the most wonderfull thing though..." my voice grew suddenly softer." is the morning air durring the rizing sun, in the arms of a loved one...." i lowered my voice just above a wisper "That is the real beauty of venice."

Veronica smiled. "You're very... passionate about Venice." She giggled. "I was just looking for my friends..." She said, defending herself. "Would you mind taking me to one of those places?"

"Ehhh.... well ummmm.... i.... arnt you soposed to.... ummm" i started sweating like a pig i realy wished she wasnt so danm cute! "i-I Supose i could," i felt my heart slam againced my chest realy hoping it didnt explode and fall out. if she found out i wasnt human, what would she think?! "What do you want to have first, the stars the sky or the moon?" I wondered if she understood it as a philisofical and retorhical question. But i would have gladly given all three just to make this night last forever.

She giggled at how he looked. His skin looked really sweaty and she raised her eyebrow. "Aren't the stars, sky, and moon all together?" She asked giggling. She pulled her jacket off and whiped some of the sweat off his face. Her jacket smelled like her, and she smelled like lavendar. Her jacket brushed against his nose while she blotted his sweat.

I smiled as i gently nuzzled the sweatshirt, enjoying the sent. "Thats the whole point, look around you," i lead you over to the chanel next to us, look at that, i say looking at the water brush by the concrete, a fish skimmed the surface as if on cue and the moon reflected on the water. "What you see in front of you, is better than any painting any art, any sculpture you will ever see. Venice has taught me that art is not on a canvas, its not the woman as she moves to a dance, its not the clay that the sculpture is made out of, these are desplays of art, not the real thing... the real thing lies in what you stop and see... or do..." i finish turning to you. "Somtimes the most beautiful art is what you do... can i give you an example?"

She smiled as she watched the fish. This guy was really deep and he was sweet. She was beginning to wish she lived here, but her parents loved Milan so much, they'd never move again. She listened all the other words he said and almost leaned her head on his shoulder, but she stopped herself. "Yes, you may."

I brushed your neck and cratled your head as i manuvered my arm to insted of linking with yours, would wrap around your back i drew you in close to me... "This, Veronica, love, is art." and i kissed you pashonately swirling my toung inside your mouth to masage yours, i couldnt stop, you had a veuge hint of mint in your mouth and your cherry chapstick for once actualy tasted good. when i pulled away finaly i rested my forhead on yours. "That my love, is art

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commentCommented on: Fri Mar 20, 2009 @ 01:58am
Tehe....That's me!!

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