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Response to the Anarchist
I like your freestyle, its crude,
Misconstrued, but not rude.
You make a lot of valid points,
Wanna sit around, hit this joint?

So imma back you up...

We sit around, as the price skyrockets,
When we cant get bread, without change in our pockets.
Fat assholes who run the company,
Just dont want the work from you and me,
They want that one ******** up coke head,
That they dont discover does drugs until he's already dead.
They'll say "Hey, least he worked his a** off."
As they sit around smoking grass *Cough-Cough*
"And now we dont even have to pay his retiree pension."
But dont say anything, youll get fired for causing tension.

When did we start letting money, run our whole ******** lives?
And when the ******** did Thailand start selling there ******** wives!!!
I want to go back to the days, when we bartered and traded,
Back when the internet wasnt the only place we dated.
Perhaps if we actually had our kids fight,
They might start a fight, for what they know is right.
Maybe, if they gave someone a chance and actually employed,
Our people might be able to feed, they're children, overjoyed.

Perhaps, if we listened to little kids...
They might have the answer
That were to brainwashed to give.

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