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NAME: Emily (Emi) Brighton
BIOGRAPHY: When Emi was 11, her mother had been hit by an on coming car trying to save Emi while she ran out into the middle of the street to grab a ball. When her mother died, her father seemed to lose it, became a drunk, and beat on her constantly, unless he was passed out on the couch. One day he went too far and with a broken Beer bottle, struck her a few times, including the eye. Later on he sold her to be a pet for someone else, saying it was for money, but Emi knew it was just because he had no use for her. Now, she lives with her Master, Nick.

AGE: 12
BODY TYPE: Thin, timid, short.
COMPLEXION: Pale cream color.
EYES: Bright, cat yellow that seem to stand out in dark and gloomy areas. When dark, they shine brightly.
HAIR: Long, midnight black with a bit of a curl to it when wet. Messy, she doesn't like to bother with it, but her Master's other maids put it up and mess with it sometimes for her.

ENJOYS: Smiling, laughing, sleeping, cats, poems, happiness, being happy, candy, love, hugs, drawing, and cute things.
DISLIKES: Dogs, being bored, too much work, 'meanies', rude people, and the darkness.
WEAKNESSES: Candy, love, hugs, and friends.

CLOTHING: Loose, laid back. She wears a fairly loose, gray sweatshirt that hangs off her shoulder and goes down to her mid thighs because of it's size. The sleeves cover her hands, she prefers that. She wears thigh high socks so she can stay warm. Hates Shoes. The Pink ribbon around her arm was something given to her by her mother before she had died. It was a symbol of love.

CAREER: Maid like, friend, caretaker.

References; [x][x]

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Schizophrenic Marshmallow

The Winged Wolf

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