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              User Image

              Samm, Sammie, Charles.


              I am a;
              Girl Woman

              I like;
              Boys. Men

              Short Description;
              Caring, silent, somewhat assertive, a bookworm, mature.

              Many Say I'm;
              I've always been silent, it's sort of how I go through the days. Reading/studying in a corner or singing to myself as I do all sorts of things. I never really think of the bad stuff, but I do worry at times. My mother and father called me peaceful and calm, not shy like others do. I guess you could say I am tranquil, not quiet, but there isn't much difference between the two, I think. I'm a little brainy at times, I do believe that, but I can't help it when I babble on about certain things. I do have a problem with speaking, but not severely. I stutter over my words sometimes when I am around newer people, but when I have known you for quite some time, I can speak as clear as day. It's just because I am shy, is what everyone says. Maybe they are right...But I have to get over that if I want to become a doctor.

              Ohmy. My life, huh?
              I grew up in a large city, packed with oversized buildings and overloaded side walks. A lot of people might like that kind of activity and noise, but I sure didn't. I was already bothered with a younger sister and older brother, not that I didn't love them. Tommy, was my brother's name. He wasn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, neither was Amanda, my younger sister. They both sort of got in trouble a lot. I wouldn't say I was the perfect angel, I just stayed out of harms way, and mother and father liked it like that. I loved my brother, but I was glad when he moved out. It was a huge relief on my parents. Amanda was only thirteen when I moved out at the age of sixteen, and I really hoped it was the right thing to do, seeing as I helped out a lot around the house with mom and pa. They are starting to age, and I think Amanda is really putting them down.

              After searching for the perfect place to stay, one that was close to the college I was attending, I came across (insert community here). I thought it was nice, even if such a small community was full of people. I got used to the loudness anyways. Now that I had my own apartment to stay in, I could do so much more. I mean, I did miss my mother and father, and maybe even Amanda, but I couldn't be there forever. I do have dreams I want to live out, and the first one, become a doctor.

              Reading, cooking, singing, the quiet, soft rain, nature, fruit dishes, relaxing, romance novels.

              Rude people, loudness, thunderstorms, perverts, any sort of alcohol, spicy foods.

              I am studying to be;
              A Doctor.

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