Trophies are living creatures flash frozen at a single stage. Once the ice melts, there's a chance that they might even evolve!

x How can I get one?
    Every purchase you make through the order form gives you the option of getting a trophy voucher. By marking yes, you will receive the voucher along with your art. Forward the PM to yongi-ru to receive your trophy.
    [example of completed voucher]

x How do evolving trophies work?
    Evolving trophies are marked with a exclaim . After a week of being out, the next stage will be released, and so on. Typically, an evolving trophy will reach maturity on the 21st of the month. Try to buy early, because the previous stages will be locked when new stages are released!

x Can I personalize my trophies?
    Some special events will allow you to design a completely original trophy of your own, with your name in place of the date.

x I didn't win an event. Can I still personalize?
    For a ridiculous fee of 300k, you can either personalize or remove your trophy stand. The change only applies to one trophy in a set. If you actually decide to do this you are one crazy rich person. 8I

x What are 'sets'?
    A set is defined as all three stages of an evolving trophy's life. Any full set is treated as one trophy or one purchase. Frozen stages are excluded.

x I reaaalllyy want a baby stage, but I missed it. Can I pleaasee have it?
    NO, BUB. All previous stages are locked FOREVER in yongi's basement. If you bribe yongi with a ridiculous 1mil+ sacrifice, she might brave the cobwebs for you. Crazy kids.

x What time are trophies based on? (when we get them)
    The trophy you receive will be based on the date of PURCHASE, not the day you get your art. Therefore, if you order on the 7th but receive your art on the 15th, you'll still start off on the trophie's first stage.

x Can I sell, redistribute, copy, steal, reuse, alter, deface, or use your trophies for any commercial purposes?
    Absolutely not. You are also not allowed to remove my signature (stealing, altering) or claim that you made them yourself (stealing). You may not use any trophies outside of Gaia Online for any purpose unless you have my permission.

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