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Anime Scrap Book on gaia for everbody to look and enjoy it.
Chapter one: the chance to be something more than a taxi driver
Have you ever heard stories of vampires and werewolf’s and demons and everything ells that lives only in nightmares but you where the hero and slayed them to rescue the maiden and live happily ever after. Well what if i told you there was no happily ever after. Welcome to my never ending nightmare. Sam you lazy good for nothing peace of... coming boss that’s my jack a** boss lan. I wonder what hell he wants now whatever it is I bet it’s not good why on earth would he want to see me probably to fire my a** for getting into a fight with that guy in the bar. I walk right into his office and the first thing he that comes out of his repulsive mouth "Sam get your sorry a** out of here your fried" that’s just great I knew it as I’m leaving gem taxi in crop. I here a dark voice saying "you don’t have to live this life has weak human you are hunter your wasting your talent on these humans when you could be the hero!" I replied "your freaking nuts!" the dark voice shouted “NO!" "you could be a hero, all you have to do is walk right into sector 13 think about it,and call the number on the card ok Sam." Be for I could react a card shot out of mid air I caught it before the card hit the ground, sighs. "Who the hell was that and how did he know my name"? I think to my slef. I walk out the building and catch a bus ride home. On they way home here the voice again speaking a language that was to confusing to be any of the languages I knew. Finaly it hits my stop and I walk off to my apartment.

GOOD Bey everyone!!!!!!!!! biggrin

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commentCommented on: Tue Jun 23, 2009 @ 01:10am
this is awesom i like it

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