"God dam Sammy youve grown"
I repiled "and you havent change a bit uncle, say how the hell im to get out of hear any way"
He repiled "Im flying you into Dublin Irland laddy" as he loads his shot gun"
"Oh and let me gess where to be actacked by vampiers while flying"
No dragons my boy dragons" Well its a dam good thing i put in the 50cal."
"Sigh I relly do need to get you some help uncle that and i need some scotch".
My Uncle brust out laugh oh believe me laddy by the time where done here your going to be the one who might need help plus have you ever fought a dragon befor?"
I drove a ******** taxi around for the past 18 years of my life thanks to you"
still bitter about that whole thing with your parents i see laddy you need to forget the past if your going to surive in this bisness"
and within the car trip and the begining of the flight was surpisly smooth not like my uncle"
This whole thing started over just one small indcednt with my uncle and there gone.
i was snaped out of my day dream when something big and when i mean that as an under statment to how big these things where scrap into the back of the wings
"Sam! my uncle screamed get on the 50 cal now!"
What the Fu... Boom dam it weve lost power in the left wing i see if i can get the back up proller to work you just shoot those dam things out of the sky! my uncle scream over the roar of the things know as dragons and the last thing that went thourgh my mind was
Wtf did I get my slef into? and how the ******** was I so sopse to take down a dragon with a 50cal.

Dublin, Irland 12:45pm
s**t the all over the place has i fire off at the dragons uncle we got to bail the hell out"
"Oh not yet, lady shes still got something left" when my uncle said dragons he relly ment just one big a** ugly mother... Sam! I open more fire upon the beast it disapears" uncle... befor i could finsh He rams the plan and the dragon into the forest side of a hill the last I see befor i black out is a huge fire ball ingulf the plain.
"where am i" i ask i feel so cold......... my uncle yells Sam! i look down my hands are coverd in blood a huge claw is loge into my stomach
oh for ******** saint peters sake leve the dam... and befor my uncle could finsh his sentnece he was flung into a tree.. and I was in big trouble as the thing trun trwoads me and drew a huge berth befor freing, the last thing grab befor the inferno ingulfs me, is grabing a bottle of scoth and saying "Oh ********... and up whent the whole palin or whats left of it and me.