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The Unending Issues of Me
My issues and rants. You probably will not want to bother yourself with my boring problems that I overreact to.
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Thrown deep into enemy lines, a young cadre warrior is captured. Stripped of her armour and weapons- thrown into enemy prisons to die. Suffering of blood loss, and untreated wounds, shrapnel from primitive bombs cut deep in skin, a poisoned enemy weapon lay unmoved from her side.
She struggles to retain any strength even when she's lost all hope. Feeling the searing burn and prickling where the poison on the needle entered her body, feeling it sink into her veins. The poison will pump through her heart and back out through her open wounds.
Rotten in enemy prisons, she lay, she knows. And nobody will care. As a sense of impending doom blows into the dark, dirty cell that she loses feeling in her legs as the poison takes her. She reaches, with shaking hands to needle and shutters. Gathers her strength, closes her tearful eyes, and using the last of her energy pulls the weapon out.
The metal clangs against the ground and unable to hold her own body up she falls in a lopsided, twisted position upon the concrete floor. Her blood spilling out without a chance of life. She lets out the last of her breaths and gives up. A cloud of despair and pain take her….

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A demon warrior; strong, skilled, and powerful enough to give Lucifer a run for his money, created by the Devil himself and bestowed her with all his inglorious powers; she was an embodiment of evil, darkness, despair. She was created for one mission, a Mission through which she would not survive.

The demoness was sent up, past the gates of hell and up the meandering path to the surface Chthonia travelled, and onto the clouded stairway to Heaven. The very sight of the bright, golden, happy land made her lay a curse on it, she whispered the ancient spell under her breath, in the distant skies falling flames could be seen as specs of orange-red that slowly grew larger as they came to rain upon the city.
She then reaped the souls of the gate’s protectors and all angels that dared oppose her demonic wrath. Chthonia wreaked havoc upon the Golden City before she was struck down, a blade blessed with holy powers ripped through her dark, scaled flesh and into her black heart.

From the depths of her body and into her “soul” a portal to Hell was torn open! From it escaped millions upon millions of cruel, ruthless, evil souls of anger and hatred. Souls with a goal of vengeance and destruction on their mind.

As Chthonia’s body fell her heart was choked with escaping demonic souls. Her body slowing being pulled more and more open as creatures big and small began to crawl from the portal. Her cursed weapon fell against the gold-paved streets, burning it’s way though the blessed metal and down unto Earth. Chthonia’s body rotted against the gold paving, leaving a molten pile of armor upon the ground, soon to fall through the spreading gateway that led from Hell to Heaven.

The barrage of demons and evil spirits seemingly endlessly crawled into the city of Light, reaping souls and capturing angels, dragging them with hexed weapons down into the deepest, darkest depths of Sheol.

A demon warrior.
Chthonia. The gruesome end of the Golden city legend to have once existed, far beyond the surface of earth.
Chthonia. The one the ancient souls trapped in the worst, torturous, darkest depths of Hell utter about in their nightmares, in the nightmares that they live everyday.
Chthonia. The only sacrificial demon.
Chthonia. A name that Satan himself worships every second of every endless, lightless day.


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