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The Unending Issues of Me
My issues and rants. You probably will not want to bother yourself with my boring problems that I overreact to.
Google Calculator owns all.
Epic Win.

I can't wait for Towel Day, and yet, I still haven't actually read this book. I really need to get it for Christmas! I shall.

It's strange how oblivious, and strange within themselves, that drug addicts are. A boy at my school, Jesse, left in backpack in the room where my next class was after lunch right by my seat. And him being curious ol' Jesse, I snooped through his backpack. More in search of money or gum, but instead found a pair of trick handcuffs that release when a spring released is pressed down. I jacked them, of course. And of course, he didn't notice. I still have them, I don't plan on giving them back until he notices. But if he never does? We will wait and see. Besides, ex-druggies gone dealers tend to have enough money to buy these things easily, not like it will matter much to him.
He said his life is perfect right now. I told him to go watch Requiem for a Dream.
He still thinks that he is straight edge just 'cause his mom found his stash (what a loser) and he can't get high anymore. So instead he deals and still thinks it's okay by Straight Edge guidelines, because he isn't doing it himself.

Which reminds me that during advisory, loser Felix came into class and was talking (quite plainly, mind you) about drugs and some new drug that costs $200 a gram and gives you an acid trip for ten minutes (on one puff I'm guessing) and the girl (who's supposed to be a sweet country girl [stupid slut]) said, "Cool." I leaned over Ryan's half-sleeping head and said straight into his face "Delinquent." The boy Felix was talking to said, "What?" and I responded with, "Not that a delinquent would know what 'delinquent' means."
People piss me off so much, I just don't understand the stupidity of people. If your life is so unhappy that only drugs can make you happy, do something the ******** about it, or ******** kill yourself if you're really that pathetic and miserable that you haven't any hope. I don't understand what is so appealing about drugs and how people even get into them in the first place. Do people really think it looks cool?
I am beginning to believe my only purpose in life is to ask questions of things that make not a single bit of sense until either people start realizing their stupidity and fixing it for the better or I go mad.

So I was uploading a CD of my brother's to iTunes and my computer started making this bizarre noise. It sounds like there was some magnetic pull against my computer as a band of tiny aliens tried to abduct the CD from the closed drive and my computer fought off the tiny unseen alien ships with ray guns. It was so weird and it went on until the whole CD was done uploading. But the upload went fine, it was timely and the CD turned out okay. What makes a computer make that kind of noise?

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