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Jiyu's Diary
Jya's Christmas Eve
*Silence within the darken inn. A creak as a lone figure emerges from room #3.*

Not a creature a-steering, huh? Hahaha...

*Jyunishinsho walks over to the fireplace and looks at the hanging stockings and decorations with fascination, creaking the hardwood floor with gentle stomps, taking care not to wake any other soul within the darken inn. He eyes a small red stocking hanging on the fireplace and looks at the name. A slight smile arises from his mouth and he continues on his stride around.
Jyunishinsho reaches the dim bar, lighted only by the gentle moonlight thru the windows. As he approaches, he notices the decorations of the bar; the red and green ornaments, the lavishly colored paw prints, snowmen, reindeer. Taking a red velvet seat, he plants himself onto the bar in a dead quiet. His gloved clasp together and he rests his head on the attachment before him. His eyes close in a deep thought and begins to wonder...*

Miracles occur in Christmas time. Will one be made for me?

*Jyunishinsho ponders this thought for almost a lifetime. A gentle breeze shoots by his face. He sits up and looks to his side. What should be a darken patch of emptiness is replaced by a figure of a girl.*


*The iridescent girl looked into Jyunishinsho's. She was wearing a pure white gown and she shined like the first star of night. Around her neck, however, was a jet black collar with small diamonds glimmering around its circumference. She smiled so gently as if everything in her life was perfect in every way, with no faults. The girl rests her head and hands on Jyunishinsho's right shoulder; Jyunishinsho being not afraid, but tranquil to the appearance of this sprite. Jyunishinsho looks into the girl's eyes and a tear arises from his shadeless scarlets. *

No way....no way a girl would just magically appear on Christmas or Christmas Eve to be with me...it's impossible...

*But the girl merely looked straight into Jyunishinsho and smiled. Her touch was like the feeling of the finest silk against my skin. It couldn't be real, and Jyunishinsho agreed on this. He stands up straight from the barstool and looks at the glimmering girl. She still smiles at him. Jyunishinsho closes his eyes once again and he can feel that the presence of the girl was lingering away. He opens his eyes again, and true to his beliefs, the sprite is gone. However...*


*He looks at the empty barstool next to where he sat and he notices something sitting there. A small collar of some sort. It was jet black with small diamonds glimmering across its circumference. Guess she was real...Jyunishinsho places the rather fragile "necklace" into his shirt's pocket.
Jyunishinsho leaves the colorful bar and walks to the main hallway. He looks to the left and to the right and sees the numbers of the rooms....1, 2, 3, 4, 5... He looks up and spots a mistletoe, hanging from the ceiling. Wonder how that got there...He goes underneath the hanging mistletoe and Jyunishinsho takes from his pocket a locket. With a smile, he kisses it. He also takes out his good-luck goddess, a bust-figurine of his favorite character of all time, Dizzy-Chan. He kisses her on the forehead and puts the locket and Dizzy-Chan back into his pocket. Looking back to the other rooms of the inn, Jyunishinsho goes down to his hands and knees and kisses the hardwood floor of the inn, in thanks to all the wonderful memories and thoughts that have arisen from this place. With another look back, Jyunishinsho whispers...*

Merry Christmas Eve, my friends.

*And he walks gently back into his room #3. Before he closes the door, he looks back out into the hallway and noticed that the mistletoe is gone. With a chuckle, he closes the walnut door.*

>Will Jyunishinsho find his 'miracle'? And if it does, who will create it for him?
>Who was that girl? What's the deal with the collar?

Find out sooner or later, depending on Jya-sama's Christmas Eve...

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