decide your own future...
let a man who holds our fate be alone

let the war strive on..
for the sickness
and hope
are all gone

decide for you
dont let them take me
decide for me?
i think not for long
decide for us?
we can lead victory...

holding them off?
where is our secret weapon?
can they stop?
will this terror
war, battles,bombers,sucide
death will never end

humans are the end
the biological end
the end will come

for all those things we dream for
for all those things we are told to get
for all those lives we give...

to protect
to erect
to hold on
to keep strong
a nation spread wide..

keep my fame..

my child your are sane..
for you are my son
i keep you strong!

holding on for me...
holding on to see
holding on for earth
holding on for everyone everything all your life...

so dont let me down.....