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as time passes by..
as right as i was......
as stubborn as you were....

that is why we lost..
that is why you lost...
that is.....why...

because there is aways a reason!
(aways a reason)
and we never give in
never giving up
always trying hard

silver rushing bullets

red bloody mess

steel coated missles

population decress.....

we hold in our power...
we hold in the light

trying to be a savor
but look at what your doing....

dont take a swing at fate....
it will always happen....

dont try to shake them off....................

you just pull through..............

What is human?
Candle burning flames that die
Frost sitting melting why?

its all the same...

Forest sitting in the breeze,...
Ocean moving with the moon...

It...is...all the same....

You and i are not the same
You and i are all the diffrent
You and i are diffrent
But, we are both human...
and we...can...both feel.....
(yes we can feel)

Trembling earth sits before me
Dying sun that will turn old
Count the days as blessings...
Count your life a whole

Savor every moment
for the next could be the last

are you listening child?
are you not afraid?
soon when you are older..you will see..

and once again i am back here...

taunting sitting fragile Glass
smiling silver slippy spoon

condeming you and i
why do we talk?
you and i?

we are very differnt
we are a same?
we are just humans

but we bless everyday
everdays a gift it is no right

as long as we are here its not
and will you come and stop this fight?
win or lose?
for the sake of your choice....your god will not save you
your god is just a myth
our god is just a myth
foke tales and pretty words

devils and gods with words
...a book to keep a child safe...
a book for the ones who cant accept....

could you really see?
was it easier?
were you cold in the wilderness?

now do you see?
you cant run away from me?
( i am immortal )
living your life in pain?
is that easier?
(is that harder?)

following all the dread?
was it easier?

not all life can run away
not all people can be very ok...

we try to make the best of it
thats what we do

life comes in forms
and when your happy
then your sad

its a cycle...and you?
your just another part

your brainwashing is nothing to me
your gods,your devils,your holy devices
your books,your truth?, you lie to them

when we discovered things you went and changed it
when we discovered science you went and changed it
when we revolted you went and change it

when we made laws....you had to change it...

is really gods law?
or is just a book?
can it really see through me?
or is it just a book?

can you really lie to me?
or is this...just water?

look at the war...caused by this
look at the faces...caused by this...
this....this...this book...
this...this this is a book!

no holy relic?
no greatest weapon?
( its a book)
no greatest antquie?
(its made 300, all around the world?)

Follow me to hell
Fire at signal!
fire for your life!
Cowards hold our defeat...
Cocky soilder hold their death

my friends shall be avanged
my group shall hold the end

Tremble in the dark!
Fire at will!
Kindle that fire...
and stay warm
( getting cold!)
holding on for you
(family that i knew )
everyone i know
( keep me strong for you!)

holding on my friends
(we! shall! pull! through!)
do not sucide my friends!
do not rush into the fire!
do not sign your own death wish!

NEVER ever give in...
hold your thoughts together...
share your idea's with me...

we could kill them all
we just need to lead...

fire...fire again
( where is the cold?)

can it be said?
we are losing!
try to pull through?
( i think not)
well i think true!

im dying....
my lungs are dead!
im falling
im falling away
( falling away...)

told me lies,stood by your side and you dont help me

i watched you burn, you gave a last look
i was to blame?
i was insane?

you were the coward!
you were the enemy!
i hated you...but i watched you die,,
i was your side...
now you sit right there..with all your air,,
the calm look on you
( its not true!)

follow me!FOLLOW ME TO THE DEVIL!follow me!
follow me! follow me!fallow me to the underground...

take me away...take me away....
take my way...
throw me away.........
( i...i..i...am useless....)

Through my brain
silver flying pretty birds...
black shining ugly words

the trophy you make yourself out to be
is it really as good as you make it to be?

the charms you use to get your way
the force they use to make them pay

we are not so diffrent..
look at it from my way

you cannot see what i see
you cannot do what i do
you could never understand

why run away?
it complicates
the suicide
( all the pain )

will you stay?
or go away?
will you stay?
have you away?
try my ways

can you stay--
will you wait--

but dont you pray, that i will wash away--------------

because...i keep you safe...

Though my pains with you
decide your own future...
let a man who holds our fate be alone

let the war strive on..
for the sickness
and hope
are all gone

decide for you
dont let them take me
decide for me?
i think not for long
decide for us?
we can lead ourselves..to victory...

holding them off?
where is our secret weapon?
can they stop?
will this terror
war, battles,bombers,sucide
death will never end

humans are the end
the biological end
the end will come

for all those things we dream for
for all those things we are told to get
for all those lives we give...

to protect
to erect
to hold on
to keep strong
a nation spread wide..

keep my fame..

my child your are sane..
for you are my son
i keep you strong!

holding on for me...
holding on to see
holding on for earth
holding on for everyone everything all your life...

so dont let me down.....

Our fog will clear
you can blind my eyes no longer...
( no more fog )

I have seen this world for what it is..
( as it is)

thy earth is wrecked... a god to save us?
i beg to differ...

a man who loves only but kills a sin?
(at the cost of men?)

a world where humans
strike for power
an imginary man rules us all

so wheres the proof!! and where is my sin?

as you strike fear into childrens hear

the holy zombies take away our minds...

stay with me...my child of orginality

Hopefull soilder
ever since...the day i was born...
you have always been...the strongest one
my best friend..cared for me always

and now you have left,
milita soilder!
fights our war!
keeps you safe!
holds on till our end!

as far as i see..
been there for me
holding on!
try for me!
shoot for me
( but im injured )
hold on one more time

keep us STRONG
you choose your path...
pave our way to victory!!

Watch me now
dont hold me down
i will hope for you....millitary soilder...

Deticated to my brother dan..

Community Member
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